Online ESL Teachers Needed

Date posted:2022-01-30 | Writer: | Email: [email protected]

Profy is a 1-on-1 online English teaching platform based in Latin America. Our goal is to give you a stable income while having the freedom to set your agenda and work from whereever you want. In contrary to other platforms, on Profy, all classes are 1 on 1 and students are stable, long-term and usually stick with the same teacher. They take on average 12 classes a month for around 6 months.

Job Description

    1 on 1 online classes with adults
    Classes are paid 10 USD / hour (60 min)
    20 USD enrollment bonus (students buys course after your intro-class)
    Students take on average 72 classes with 1 teacher (~6 months)
    Average salary on Profy: 1280 USD
    18-hour cancellation policy (unassisted classes are paid 100%)
    Constant influx of new students

Full flexibility

    Set your own schedule and availability
    You decide how to teach
    No mimimum amount of hours required
    Teaching platform provided

Fast and reliable pay-outs

    Weekly payouts through Paypal or Payoneer

Start teaching tomorrow

    Easy, fast and straightforward registration process

        Short intro video (30 sec - 2 min)
        Basic information


    No degree or experience needed
    Both non-natives and natives are welcome
    TEFL/TESOL preferred
    No minimum hours
    Complete profile with video + photo (students choose teacher)
    Professional attitude

If you are interested in this position, please contact the address given in the job heading.