Online English Teacher: Teaching Adults

Date posted:2024-02-02 | Writer: NativeX Edtech | Email: [email protected]

A. Overview
•    Expected start time: March 2024 (after onboard training)
•    Class duration: 45 minutes/ slot
•    Teaching time: 8:00 - 23:45 every day (GMT+7), especially 8:00 - 11:45 and 19:00 - 22:00
•    Teach General English (04 skills) to Vietnamese adults
•    Weekly availability registration and class assignment
•    Provided teaching accounts; lesson slides, and lesson plans
•    Class size: No more than 06 students
•    Pay rate (Before TAX): $9.4 - $20.0 per 45 minutes

B. Job description
> Before class
•    Submit weekly availability and provide sufficient teaching hours as required.
•    Preview lesson slides and study teaching material carefully
> In class
•    Join assigned classes/conduct substitute teaching when needed.
•    Follow provided lesson plans and presentations to teach students general English skills.
•    Correct pronunciation; and grammar mistakes for students.
> After class
•    Follow the requirements stated in the current effective Teacher’s Handbook

C. Requirements
1. Technical Requirements
•    Have a functioning webcam; headphones and microphone with decent quality; appropriate lighting
•    Operating system: Minimum MacOS 10.14 / Windows 10 Professional; 64-bit.
•    Hardware: Minimum 8 GB RAM + CPU with at least 4 cores OR a clock speed of at least 1.8 GHz.
•    Internet Speed: Ping < 20ms; Upload > 20Mbps; Download > 30Mbps.
2. Education & Training
•    A Diploma/ Associate degree/ University Degree
•    English Language Teaching Certificate (TEFL/ TESOL/ CELTA) (at least 120 hours)
3. Skills, Abilities, Experience
•    Candidates should have a minimum of 1-2 years of experience in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL)
•    Candidates should have strong English language skills, including fluency in speaking and accurate pronunciation.
4. Other: It would be an advantage if teacher can be available:
•    Weekday: 04 slots/day & at least 03 days/week
•    Weekend: 05 slots/day (Sat or Sun)

D. What NativeX offers
•    Regular teaching hours
•    Opportunity to have a committed teaching package based on class slots
•    Ready-made lesson plan & teaching materials
•    All-in-one teaching and job management platform
•    Year-round reward schemes & performance bonuses
•    Salary review every 06 months
•    Intensive onboard training & on-demand consultation sessions as required
•    Payment via international bank transfer (every 15th of the month
•    Online contract (one year)

E. How to apply

Candidates can apply by clicking on “Apply Now” at

Should you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our recruitment team at the email address in the job heading.

Due to a high volume of applications received, we are unable to contact each applicant individually regarding the status of their application. The shortlisted applicant will be contacted by our recruiters within two weeks.