Employment teaching EFL in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Date posted:2005-10-19 | Writer: Nong Lam University Center for Foreign Studies | Email: [email protected]

Institution: Nong Lam University Center for Foreign StudiesStart Date: November 7, 2005Native English Teachers To teach General English & Examination Preparation (TOEFL, TOEIC) for Programmes of English for Academic Purposes and ESP; English Literature, British Studies, and English for Management for university students of English major. CoursesGeneral English / Examination Preparation (TOEFL and TOEIC) / Intensive English courses Class ScheduleClasses are conducted 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday at various times throughout the day and evening. Classes are usually 4 periods (45-minute period) in the day time and 3 periods in the evening in duration.Class LocationClasses take place at 2 annexes in Thu Duc District, HCMC.Qualifications Needed: Bachelor Degree/Master Degree + TESOL CertificatesSalary: $US750 - $800 per month, dependent on qualifications and experienceHours per week: 20 periodsAirfare assistance: offered for 12 month contractApplications1. Full CV, dated and preferably with references2. Copy of diplomas/degrees/certificates3. Copy of the front page of the passport, on which personal details and photo are shown.

For further information, please contact: Ms. Le Nguyen Hong VanAcademic OfficerEmail: [email protected] Phone number: (848) 8961952Fax number: (848) 8963349

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


The content about 'Past Tenses' is one of the most common topics in teaching English grammar, as we often use this in our daily lives for basic conversations. Therefore, it should be elicited into each student reality in order to achieve the expected outcome. I believe that all topics of teaching English ought to have a relevance in our students lives, because if it does not have, the subject will lose the utility for all.A teacher much be able to accommodate to their students' varying needs.The class is relying completely on their teacher, and as a result, the teacher has the means to mould the group into better english language speakers. There are always going to be problems at work, regardless of the field, but a great teacher will the time, and have the patience to understand, meet, and exceed all of the students needs and expectations.