EFL Teachers Needed in North Vietnam

Date posted:2017-06-26 | Writer: New Way Language Center | Email: [email protected]

New Way language center has opportunities for TEFL qualified teachers who are available to start in July and August.  We’re constantly pushing the limits beyond what we've achieved in the past - exploring new materials, markets and services while propelling ourselves toward bigger and better opportunities. So it only seems natural that we'd hire people who are simultaneously industrious, creative and reflective; people who are rewarded by teaching and interested in building a future that provides English and other skills to those who require them; people who are willing to make New Way's business their business, and follow a path that, with continuous learning and an innovative spirit, will lead them to be recognized as leaders in the industry. We hire these types of people knowing they are as diverse as we are, and they come on board because they share our core values. Then, we simply give them the freedom to take their career (and New Way) further.

NEWWAY Language Center genuinely believes in giving quality education and care for students. Effective communication is a focus with pronunciation and comprehension being key elements. We optimise conditions for students and staff and offer classes of 12-16 students in various age groups.

Lessons take place in our OLC Open Learning Center, classrooms and in nearby State/public schools (1 and 2 year contracts). We are located in the beautiful Ha Long Bay Heritage Site.


Flexible time schedule; normally 24 – 26 teaching hours a week (over-time is available)


Mr. Trevor Dollemont (Director of Studies),


• Starting at $1600 USD per month

• Accommodation provided above our Cowboys Country Kitchen Restaurant 5 mins from the center

• Small food allowance and 25% off all restaurant prices

• Pay Incentives, Holidays, 50% of airfare after the first year and 100% after the second year.

REQUIREMENTS: (No teaching experience needed)

1. Clear North American English accent

2. Curriculum Vitae, College Degree Diploma or University Degree (Must be authenticated)

3. Police Clearance from your country of residence

4. TEFL Certificate Authenticated


• Follow the lesson plans set out by New Way and adhere to the teaching standards and guidelines

• Teach effectively a range of classes at New Way Centre and in the public school elementary system

• Use a range of strategies to interest and motivate students and keep them involved in learning

• Monitor student achievement to inform and individualise instruction

• Address behavioral problems appropriately and report to management where necessary

New Way is a great way to get your foot in the door and gain experience at all levels.


Interested applicants must scan the documents required and submit them together with their CV to the e mail address given on the job heading.  

Checkout our facebook page: New Way language center      

Location of Base Company:

715 Trần Phú Street Cẩm Phả,

Quảng Ninh,


Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Pronunciation and phonology are the basics of a language, but often neglected by native speaker. Also, they are probably the hardest part to teach. This unit makes me pay more attention to how I pronounce each word and what tone I use. The teaching techniques are very useful. Great content provided here. However, I will be digging into pronunciation and phonology more in order to teach.The unit offers options for structuring a lesson, but based around the engage-study-activate concept. Each of those 3 phases is discussed with examples of what may be useful in each, which as expected, would differ for different levels of existing language knowledge. Correction and feedback are also discussed, with advice on which part of the ESA sequence would be appropriate for each.