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Date posted:2003-03-06 | Writer: Buckwood ARC | Email: [email protected]

UK: EFL & Senior EFL Teachers for Summer

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Summer Camp, South-east England, UK


We need 25 active people to help us run residential Summer Camps for foreign students, aged from 7 to 16.

Duties include: teaching English, running activities, sports & social programmes, supervising, driving, and long hours.

We are searching for EFL & Senior EFL Teachers to work for us this summer. In return we will provide you with a basic salary, bonus (dependant on your performance), food and accommodation.


Buckswood ARC has a clearly laid-down EFL programme, which should be followed by all Centres. The EFL and Senior EFL Teacher are responsible for the academic content of the EFL programme and for the Centre’s academic success.

Responsible to: Centre Manager
Specific Responsibilities:

1. To assist the Centre Manager in overall management.
2. To plan the EFL programme in conjunction with the Centre Manager.
3. Assigning EFL teachers to the appropriate classes.
4. Organising classes so that the make-up of these is optimal.
5. Training staff in a standardized approach to the EFL programme.
6. Monitoring teaching standards on a regular basis.
7. Teaching & running activity programs such as Dry Slope Skiing, Horseback Riding, Go-Karting, Swimming, Boating, Archery, Quasars, Tennis, Soccer, Golf, plus many more.
8. To take part in the pastoral care of students.
9. To take part in any other duties allocated to all staff on a rota basis.

DATES REQUIRED: From End of June for 6-8 weeks

To apply please send your CV to [email protected] or post to Buckswood Summer Programmes, Westminster House, Bolton Close, East Sussex, United Kingdom.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit taught me about the different evaluation and testing methods when teaching English. I would agree with what was written in the unit about many teachers preferring to give shorter tests throughout the term to measure progress, as opposed to one big exam at the end of the term. I believe this will be the way that I approach evaluation and testing as it will allow me to pick up on any ares that students are having trouble with.In this lesson, it shows me how to choose books and materials. Basically, materials can be grouped into two kinds, namely authentic and created ones. It gives me some examples of the activities mentioned in those materials. It also introduces the advantages and disadvantages of using a course book as well as how can we best use course books. Teachers shouldn't base all the lesson plans on the materials chosen. It needs to be creative.