TEFL in Divrigi, Turkey

Date posted:2004-09-15 | Writer: Kent School of English | Email: [email protected]

EFL qualified native speaker needed to teach in Divrigi ( Sivas, central Turkey)

Experience not required but preferred.
Friendly, committed, professional and responsible person to be in charge of several in-company classes.

Working conditions:

- Full-time position, max. 30 teaching hours / week
- 10-month contract (running from mid-October to late July )
- Salary: $1000 / month ( net, see details below )
- Flight fare back home upon completion of contract
- Teaching support provided before and during the course
- In-company teaching
- General English courses at various levels
- National holidays
- Possibility of chauffeur-driven car upon request
- Accommodation provided:

- individual housing in a two-storey detached house
- fully furnished
- private area
- within walking distance of the classes
- satellite Tv
- central heating
- 24hrs hot water
- laundry and ironing service

- access to sports facilities and private picnic area
- all meals included

Contact person: Yolanda Navarro, DoS

Email: [email protected]

Please send resume and cover letter.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Overall engagement and attitude by the teacher were different in each lesson to highlight the differences in response one might receive when teaching. The more engaged and positive the teacher is the better response you are likely to receive from the students because they feel more comfortable to answer. A teacher must be deliberate and patient because it might be difficult for many students and easy for others just be diligent.We talked about the culture in this unit. When I was high school student, the foreign teacher had a bad breath. I don’t know why. And every Korean didn’t like her. And in Korea we eat dog. But the other nation doesn’t. So I must not say I eat dog. And If I go to the Islamic nation, then I have to understand their prayer time, their eating and chador. Especially, I will wear chador when I go to the Islamic nation.