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We are seeking for Native English Teachers (to start on 1st September 2003) for positions in our college in Kayseri, Turkey.I've attached the detailed information you need. If you are interested, could you please send your CV and a photo. Head of English Departmant
Ali Guldas
[email protected]
General information for native speakers working and living at TED Kayseri
Housing ? Kayseri is located in the center of Turkey, east of the capital
1. Accommodation is provided on the school campus, so access to school is
very convenient. The school is also located approximately five minutes walk
to the main street where you can buy all your groceries and other
requirements. The city center where you can find the market place, banks,
post office and larger department stores, etc. is approximately 15 minutes
2. The flats are self contained units with a large living room, kitchen, two
bedrooms, bathroom and balconies and are located in the school garden.
There are four flats together so you are always near the other foreign
3. The school covers the cost of electricity and the only cost to the
teacher is the gas which you need for hot water and cooking. This is about
15 MTL per bottle and can last 1-2 months depending on use and how many
people in your flat.
4. You also have access to the internet from the flats, although you may
need to share this with the other foreign teachers.
5. Owning a car is not necessary in this city as the other teachers are
always happy to help out if you need help with transport, and the public
transport is also regular and convenient although I found it just as easy to
walk places. For domestic travel the coach/bus companies are cheap and very
comfortable with regular and convenient timetables.
Cost of living
1. Living in Kayseri is cheap and other than shopping for clothes the only
cost I had was for food and leisure activities which included the cinema and
skiing in the winter, I have included some examples for your information:
Bread, milk, eggs, fruit and vegetables, cola Less than 1 Million TL each
1 kg chicken breasts 5 MTL
School lunch Less than 1 Million TL
Restaurant Dinner 3 ? 6 Million TL
Can of beer Less than 1 Million TL
Bottle of wine 5 Million TL
At the moment, 1 USA dollar: 1 650 000 TL / 1 Pound : 2 550 000 TL
2. The tourist areas can be a little more expensive but the prices are still
a lot cheaper than other European countries.
3. The cost of travel to these areas is also cheap, a dolmus (mini van
transport) to Cappadocia for example is approximately 3 MTL, and a bus to
the more distant areas is about 10 MTL for a 5 or 6 hour journey.
1. TED Kayseri College is a private school and is one of about 20 in Turkey,
with the Head office in Ankara. Every February there is a conference for
all of the schools so you will have a chance to meet teachers from other
cities in Turkey.
2. Student age group: Primary school 7 - 13
Secondary school 14 ? 17
4. Text books and all equipment will be supplied to you by the school and
you have access to art resources if necessary.
4. There is access to school computers and a video room with a computer
assisted projector so you can play films and educational CDs to the
students. There is also access to the internet at school.
Pay and benefits
1. Accommodation is provided.
2. Return airfares are paid for.
3. Pay will be given to you half in Turkish currency and half in foreign
currency for example: GBP. The pay for 2003 is 600 GBP Per month. If you
renew your contract for a second year there will be a pay increase.
4. The contract is for September 2003 to June 2004. You will be contracted
to work a 24 hour week. There is a semester holiday in February for two
weeks, plus approximately 10 other school holidays.
You will get a work visa from a Turkish Embassy with your University
diploma, TEFL/TESOL certificate and a signed contract that will be sent to
TED Kayseri College web page
Contact us

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Unit 14 provided some good examples of created materials that the EFL instructor can make. It also gave some good tips for when to use and how to choose a textbook. In my own classes, I almost exclusively use created materials so the provided websites and examples were very helpful. I also found the information about authentic materials to be helpful. I hadn’t considered how the same material could be adapted to different levels.The Productive skills are speaking and writing, because learners doing there need to produce language. They are also knowns as active skills. Apart from the obvious differences in grammar, vocabulary and sentence formation, written text has a number of points of differentiation to speaking English language. And to be creative speaking we can use the activity lesson ESA. Lastly, we can conduct a games to be adapted to language teaching