Enthusiastic teacher wanted to teach TEFL in Istanbul, Turkey

Date posted:2004-01-07 | Writer: City of London College | Email: [email protected]

CLC is one of the world's leading education providors, with 21 branches worldwide. In Istanbul, it is an organization engaged in designing and delivering English Language programmes to Companies and individuals.

Job Categories:
(1) Teachers: English Teaching, Lesson Planning and Participation in helping to build an English Learning Environment
(2) Director of Studies: to co-ordinate and administer teachers, classes and lessons, improve standards and so on.

1. Degree in any field with TEFL/TESOL certificate or equivalent
2. Age from 20-50 years old, in good health
3. Experienced or inexperienced teachers
4. Proactive and open-minded, with great flexibility and a cheerful personality
5.Willing to enjoy the friendship and culture of a Turkish environment
Contract term:
8/9 month minimum contract (10 or 11 months possible). Paid holiday available if the contract is renewed.

1) AvarageTwenty five - Twenty six) lessons per week, each lesson being 50 mins. Plus lesson planning, marking, assessments, and guidance. A salary of $ 800-1000 per month, subject to qualification and experience, with an extra 5% paid for teachers with Diplomas in TEFL/TESOL and /or PGCE or Masters in Education,
2) Teachers are put up one degree on the salary scale, after completition of the first 6 months of their contract.
Above mentioned duties + 12 lessons weekly teaching. A salary of $1300-$1450 per month subject to qualification and experience.
Other Benefits :
1. One month's free accomodation, in a schools's apartment, on arrival. Teachers can then find their own apartment, or stay on in the school's apartment for $75 per month.
2. $ 300 total is paid towards the cost of a round trip air ticket per contract term is paid at the last three months of the contract by 3 equal installments.
3. 2 or 3 weeks paid holiday if the contract is renewed for another year.
4. Orientation and teacher development sessions
5. Turkish lessons on request
6. Good teaching facilities and support
7. Free Internet connection at the schools
8. $50 towards visa expenses (per visa renewal). Work Permits arranged and paid by school
9. National holidays
10. School Doctor available.
Interviews are available in London at CLC-London or in Istanbul at CLC-istanbul.
Please mail to; [email protected]
Fax to ; +90 212 244 52 72
Call to; +90 212 244 52 82

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


I can see this unit has related alot back to the previous unit, i feel like this unit was only a test on the first couple of questions for lesson planning, i see how useful a lesson plan is , its basically a cheat sheet for the teacher and why not use it! , in addition , i do understand ESA very well, however not confident with the answers as some teachers may have different preferences in which activity to do first in which stage.While a good refresher is always key you don't always learn something new. This lesson gave me for the first time English as it would have been taught to me as a ESL learner. It was an exciting perspective and opened actually helped make me feel more comfortable to relate with the future students as this was an area that I remember required extra practice when I was studying foreign language. Ultimately this was a fantastic module.