Employment teaching EFL in Ankara, Turkey

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Positions: Ankara, Turkey

Bilkent Private Primary and High Schools

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Bilkent Private Primary and High Schools (Ozel Bilkent Lisesi ve Ilkogretim Okulu) are situated in an attractive location on the campus of Bilkent University, a highly regarded English medium university in Ankara, Turkey. The schools follow an enhanced Turkish national education system curriculum and offer a bilingual education in English and Turkish focusing on achieving high academic standards and producing outstanding members of the community, with a broad cultural perspective. Founded in 1993 the schools currently have 700 students split into primary and middle grades, K-8, and high school, 9-11, and enjoy an outstanding reputation with excellent facilities and a dynamic and professional staff. The schools have close ties with the University, in particular the Graduate School of Education, and teachers are members of the wider university academic community.

The school is seeking suitably qualified native speakers who will work in the department of English in grades
K, 1-5 in the primary school and grades 9-11 in the high school. Teaching will be within the Primary School or High School English departments, comprising local and international staff. Primary teachers are charged with the early development of English language skills leading in the longer term to a level of competence suitable for students to be able to deal confidently with the study of other subjects in the target language. Experience with phonics and literacy development in the primary years program is a distinct advantage. High school years program teachers will require the ability to teach the language and its culture, including literature.

Those recruited will be housed by the University in the academic communityํs accommodation on campus


Applicants who are interested in a challenging position with an opportunity to broaden their professional experience should have a degree, a minimum of 4 years relevant full-time experience and, ideally, a teaching qualification or relevant MA in ESL/EFL. Essential personal qualities will be professionalism, maturity and energy together with the ability to focus on quality teaching and meeting objectives. In addition, teachers will be expected to work as part of an educational community with Turkish and expatriate colleagues and should be willing to adapt to a new culture.


Contracts run from August 2003 to August 2005 with the opportunity to renew depending on satisfactory performance. Successful candidates will receive: i) monthly, net salary of 1300$ upwards depending on qualifications and years of experience; ii) air fares and baggage allowance at the beginning and end of contract; iii) furnished, rent-free, private, campus accommodation (a small fee for services); iv) private medical insurance;
v) retirement plan contributions; vi) free lunch at school.


Please send a full CV (with personal details, educational background and qualifications, and previous experience with a cover letter indicating post applied for and suitability for the above positions) to the address or email given below by April 30th, 2003.

Mrs Hande Machin,
Administrative Assistant,
Ozel Bilkent Lisesi,
Bilkent University, East Campus,
06533 Bilkent, Ankara.
Email: [email protected]
Tel: + 90 (312) 290 5200/ 266 5001
Fax: + 90 (312) 266 5000

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Managing a class properly isn't only geared toward the teacher doing everything. You will need a proper dose of control but also learn when to observe, active and passive to promote good rapport, interaction between students and an enjoyable atmosphere. Ultimately it's not the teacher versus the students group but the teacher with the students as a whole group able to interact student with student, teacher with student or as a whole.As a native english speaker, parts of speech come naturally. This module has enriched my analytical and explanatory skills when breaking down or forming a sentence correctly. The rules and implications of parts of speech that need to be considered when structuring a sentence correctly and my ability to give individual examples, implementing examples in a sentence and to identifying the parts of speech each individual word belongs to.