TEFL in Yi-Lan, Taiwan

Date posted:2008-01-21 | Writer: Dewey International | Email: [email protected]

Clean Air, Pure Water, Mountains, Beach, Hot Spring – Yi-Lan is rated the most livable area in Taiwan!

An energetic teacher is needed in a private high school in Yi-Lan County to do professional English teaching and carry out relevant activities.

The successful applicant must have an education related degree and/or a teacher certificate, be a native English speaker, have a passport from USA /South Africa /Canada /UK /Australia /NZ, have passion towards education.

Salary: NT$60,000 (US$1,851 or RMB$13,466) + attendance NT$2,000
Schedule: Mon-Fri 08:00~17:00
Student age: 12~18 (G7~G12)

-NT$2,000 per month if you have perfect attendance
-Free accommodation
-If you can teach English course during night time, you can earn extra NT$10,000~20,000 per month!
-You can SECURE the job before coming to Taiwan

Please send your:
.Recent photo
.Degree/certificate scan.

E mail:  [email protected]

When the background meets the requirements, the staff will contact with you and give further information and instruction. Contract upon request then.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This lesson showed me more in-depth detail on how to continue differentiation of my lesson plan across multiple areas. It taught me how to engage my students in topics that interest them, as well as to vary the topics so that my lessons will engage all of the students' interests at some point. I learned that my own interests are not a great method of picking a topic as the class may not share these same interests.I was intersted in this unit. When I was watching the video number one, I was angry with a teacher as if the lesson was really dull and boring. I would not like to take part in it as a student. The second lesson showed how the teacher could distinguish his success improwing the team work of his students. I always try to make my lessons full of different interesting things and being attentive to the studebts needs.