TEFL in Dungshr, Taiwan

Date posted:2003-08-18 | Writer: Amazing Grace ESL School | Email: [email protected]

You will enjoy nice working environment, the idylic and peaceful lifestyle
here with virtually no crime, a low level of pollution, and comfortable weather. City life is easily accessible through convenient pubic transport system within half hour.

The right candidate should have a bachelor's degree, native English speaker,
non-smoker, healthy and flexible to work on Saturday.

Salary: NT$60, 000 (about USD 1790 ) monthly.
Teaching hour: per week 25 hours.
Benefit: free single suite room with own bathroom, big window, quiet and clean.
Utilities of airconditioner, kitchen, wash machine, bed, TV,
internet are available.
workvisa , health insurance are provided.

Bonus: NT$20, 000 for the complete if one year contract.

A loan for airfare to come is granted and to be paid back from part of the first two months' salaries.

The school is located in Dungshr near FengYuan and Taichung ( in middle Taiwan)
surounded by beautiful mountains. Most people here are farmers. The air and weather are much better than any other city in Taiwan.

Please email the followings:
1. recent photo
2. passport
3. degree
4. resume

Applicants will not be considered if all required documentation is not submitted simultaneously.

Contact MS. Sophie for more information
Amazing Grace ESL School
TEL: 04-25884060 , cell phone: 0920-356 334

email: [email protected]

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There are many teaching aids that can be used in English class. Interactive Whiteboard is getting popular in many English classes these days. It can get students' attention no matter what age groups they are. Visual aids is always a good way to attract young learners' attention as they are very colorful and easy to be remembered. Videos and DVDs are easy to be used in the classroom and are always good ways to train listening ability.Productive skills are speaking and writing. Both are equally important and used for communication. However, writing requires a greater degree of accuracy. Therefore, it is a more difficult skill to obtain compared to speaking. Additionally, written works are usually given as homework because the teachers do not want to devote any time to quiet writing activities. As a result, obtaining writing skills becomes even harder for learners.