Teach English in Taiwan (5)

Date posted:2017-02-23 | Writer: Shane English School Zhunan | Email: [email protected]

Shane English School Zhunan, Taiwan, is looking for two EFL teachers to start work mid-April, 2017. Applications open until April 1st. We're a franchise cram school striving to both improve and maintain our environment of creativity, fun and modern educational practices. We are a franchise of Shane English School and firmly believe in its ideals of professionalism, English immersion and learning through play and yet we are also quite unique; our school has a football pitch, a 4-storey climbing wall, an X-box games room and a multi-discipline playroom hosting creative play classes. We have been open for 10 years, but in September 2016 we begun a new stage in our development and would love to find someone interested in helping us to move forward, while developing their own teaching skills. Most of our students are elementary school age, however we do have a number of junior high school students and some high school and adult students too.

Onsite we have a head of English, a senior teacher and a teacher and student welfare officer. Shane English School head office is also made up of native English speakers and Taiwanese staff.

Our school is in Zhunan in Miaoli County (90 minutes South of Taipei and 40 minutes North of Taichung by TRA). Zhunan is near both the beach, mountains, old temples and well connected to local attractions such as Sanyi, Lion's Head Mountain and Neiwan. It's a great place to save money, a wonderful place for developing Chinese language skills and it has a healthy variety of food options and Shang Shun World mall is only a 50 minute walk from the school.


Bachelor's Degree (necessary for ARC)

Passport holder of English speaking country (necessary for ARC)

Full mastery of English across all 4 skills (equivalent to user (CEFR C2) IELTS Band 8/9 in each of the 4 sections)

Enthusiastic and passionate about education

Can understand young learners

Has classroom management skills and strategies

Has subject knowledge

Has lesson planning skills and strategies



Has course/activity planning skills and strategies

Adults General English (Experience 400+ hours)

Young adults aged 7-17 (Experience 400+ hours)


Has a strong interest and the ability to teach extracurricular activities such as sports, arts or drama (football/soccer or belaying/climbing wall would be preferred, but we also have equipment to play cricket, badminton, rugby, archery and fencing)

Our ideal candidate is female (as most of our foreign staff are male)

Strong supporting evidence from TEFL/CELTA/TESOL course tutors’ report

PGCE/B.Ed. in Primary or Education

DELTA Certified

Can use learning technologies

Ideally, we want someone who can help us develop while looking to develop themselves.


Guaranteed 80 hours per month though we would aim to supply 100+

We offer classes between 2-8:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays, 2-9 on Fridays, 4:15-8:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays Saturday or bimonthly Saturday classes are possible on a teacher's request.

Teacher meets the Essential Requirements: $550NT - $600NT/hr (approx. NT$44K - NT$60K per month)

Teacher meets most the Desirable Requirements: $600NT - $650NT/hr

Teacher meets most the Further Desirable Requirements: $650NT - $700NT/hr (approx. NT$52K - NT$70K per month)

After 6 months performance related pay-rise.

NT$21K contract completion bonus (increases each year).


Email your CV to the address given on the job heading.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit talks about teaching productive skills - speaking and writing. I have learnt what is the difference between accuracy and fluency activities, what are speaking activities in the classroom and what are the techniques to encourage interaction (pair-work, group-work, etc). When we talk about writing skills, the most important skills to teach are: handwriting, spelling, punctuation.This unit was a good review of the present tense of the English language. I found the clear and concise descriptions of usages particularly helpful. I think these will help me when I need to explain the present tense to my future students. I was also glad to learn some different activities that can be used to help students understand and learn to use the present tense in practical ways.