Opportunity for teaching English in Taiwan

Date posted:2004-03-03 | Writer: Jump Start Language School | Email: [email protected]


These days Taiwan is probably the best place to come to if you want to work in Asia. It is a good place to work, to save money and it is cheap to fly out of to places like Thailand, the Philippines etc. The people are friendly and helpful and there is lots of do and see here. A good place to live, except for the traffic and air pollution in some places ?V but there many other Asian countries that are worse than here for that.


English Immersion Schools with Great kids and the best working conditions


There are a few schools offering more money than Jump Start but there is always a price to pay. Large classes, lots of traveling to do, games with visas, broken promises, late payment of salaries or just a bad school to work in. Many of our teachers have come to us from that life.


* Guaranteed hours with extra hours available * Work Permit & Health Insurance ?V Provided by Jump Start * Increments for qualifications and experience * Promotion and increment system * Lunch meal included * Airport pickup & orientation provided * Teaching children from ages 2?V 12 years * Small class size (8-15 students) with low intensity curriculum & schedules * No change in class ?V own class for whole year * Planned curriculum with complete teaching materials


* Kindergarten/elementary teachers needed, Native speaker of English * Degrees holders, Bachelor or above * Preferably B. Ed graduates, especially early childhood or elementary specialists * Enthusiastic teachers who like children * Teaching experience preferred but it doesn't have to be with children

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as it was mentioned in the unit we as teachers neglect the writing skill during a lesson or in other words give it a minimum attention thinking its enough to give it as a homework. It's just about how to organize our time.I always correct for accuracy and fluency mistakes at the same time leading to over correct the students making me annoying to them and i could not change that but after reading this unit it made everything clear.This unit covered the types of teaching and learning materials that a teacher is likely to encounter in the ESL world, and it was interesting to see it laid out in such a way. It made me reevaluate my own classrooms and consider what I could to to improve the classrooms that are lacking in certain areas. I really appreciate the different resources given at the end of the lesson. I expect it will be a huge help throughout my career.