Job Teaching EFL in Spain

Date posted:2011-07-07 | Writer: Direct English | Email: [email protected]

Direct English, in Cantabria, was founded in 1991 by its present director, Philip Bodoano, who continues to teach full-time. We are looking for a TEFL qualified teacher who will integrate well into a small friendly set up and who knows how to pass on a friendly approach to his/her classes. Most teaching is with children and teenagers and you should enjoy teaching these age groups. Maximum class sizes for children are 12 and adults 8. The teaching hours will generally be between 3.50pm and 9.30pm ( Fridays 3.50-7.30pm ). You will teach 25 hours a week. Working with Direct English is totally compatible with those making teaching their long-term career choice as we give necessary support and guidance to teachers, we are small enough to take aboard new ideas and techniques and we encourage use of own material. The academy has its own premises which consist of 4 classrooms, a reception area, a staffroom and a resource area with computers and a wifi connection. We offer a sensible monthly salary and help with accommodation.

The academy is situated just outside the centre of the town of Torrelavega in Cantabria
Torrelavega is in the heart of the province of Cantabria which boasts mountains with skiing, a beautiful coastline and many picturesque villages. Torrelavega itself is an industrial town of 50000 inhabitants just 10 km from the coast. The provincial capital, Santander, is 26 km away with flights to London Stansted, Dublin, Milan, Rome and Frankfurt and various Spanish destinations.

You will teach 25 hours a week and on top of this you will be expected to thoroughly prepare your classes and to spend some time coordinating with the other teachers. Textbooks are used but we expect teachers to use their own material and ideas as well. A direct approach is essential and Spanish should be kept to a minimum in classes at all times. We prepare students for the Cambridge exams and any experience in this area will be taken into account. We offer constant support with methodological and behavioural issues ( Spanish children tend to be overenthusiastic rather than malevolent). Much emphasis is put on a good relationship with students´ parents and it is therefore necessary that you can express yourself to a certain extent in Spanish.
Other Requirements:

Punctuality ( 15 minutes before first class starts ) and reasonably smart dress are requisites.

A covering letter ( e-mail ) specific to this job would be appreciated when an application is made.

A university degree.
Tefl qualification. ( Minimum 3 week course. )
At least one year´s experience.

EU national preferred EU national preferred

Salary: 1240 euros monthly gross.
Teaching hours: 25 hours a week.
Help given finding accommodation.

Contact us at the e-mail address given on the job heading for more information and to apply.

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This unit has allowed me to understand the differences between speaking and writing as productive skills. This has shown me the differences in fluency and accuracy in speaking both being equally important in the acquisition of the English language and the activities that help in learning it. Furthermore, writing skills are developed through handwriting, spelling, layout punctuation and creative this unit i learned about direct and reported speech. in reported speech the verb form would change. for example if in the direct speech present simple, it would change to past simple in reported speech. i also learned about conditionals in grammar. there are five conditional phrases in grammar which are zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and mixed conditional.