Energetic Teacher Wanted to Teach EFL in Madrid, Spain

Date posted:2006-03-07 | Writer: American Language Academy | Email: [email protected]


ACADEMY: American Language Academy

LOCATION: c/ RodrÃŒguez San Pedro, 2 - 28015 Madrid, Spain

NEEDED BY: March/April 2006 positions available (always recruiting)

CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT: Candidate must be a native speaker of English and have a university degree in a related field, a TEFL certificate, and a minimum of 1 year's language teaching experience. Teachers should be legal to work in Spain.

In turn, we offer a friendly and professional working environment, a contract (including 3 weeks of paid vacation time for the October-June period), ongoing teacher development, and free Spanish classes.

SALARY: Set monthly salary or by the hour- will discuss during interview.

* Please email Jeffrey Locey (DoS) to request our job description and application form. Please note that we will only contact candidates who are available for a personal interview in Madrid.
* EMAIL: [email protected]
* PHONE: 91 445 5511
* FAX: 91 445 5800

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This is a thoroughgoing overview of the concept of parts of speech, including the concepts of positive, comparative and superlative adjectives as usage for countable and uncountable units of comparison. What is missing perhaps is the concept of strong and weak verbs, wherein strong verbs form their tenses by a change in spelling, while weak verbs require the assistance of auxiliary verb-forms to compose compound tenses.In this chapter, I learned the method to teach students with their advantages and disadvantages. Like in Course book, there are advantages that they consume less time to give students, and it seemed the most proper way to educate students. On the other hand, course books have some disadvantages that students wouldn't like to use them because they are not always suitable for everybody, and I'm aware of that by my previous