Opportunities to Teach EFL in Korea

Date posted:2010-07-21 | Writer: Morgan Recruiting Services | Email: [email protected]

Poly schools in Seoul and Gyeongigdo are looking for qualified TEFL teachers to teach in their program. They are currently looking for teachers at several of their campuses for positions starting between August and November of this year. Poly School offers a North American curriculum for K-6 children and specializes in students who have studied English overseas. Poly School offers some of the highest starting salaries for teachers in Korea.

The benefits for teachers include:

- Some of the highest monthly salaries in Korea at up to 2.9 million/month
- A well-established curriculum for teachers
- Free single housing provided for teachers
- Free pre-paid airfare provided and airport pickup
- One-month salary bonus at the end of the contract
- Low taxes in Korea (around 5%) allowing teachers to save a lot of their monthly income
- Pension and health benefits provided

The school details:
Available start date: Starting dates in August, September, October and November
Housing: Single housing provided
School Name: Korea Poly School
Number of positions: Various
School locations: Seoul and Gyeonggido campuses
Salary: 2.5-2.9 million
Level: Kindergarten/elementary
Severance Bonus: One month severance bonus will be provided at the end of the contract.
Airfare: Pre-paid in advance by the school
Pension: Payments matched by the school
Class length: 40 minute classes
Number of students per class: 8-12

For more information, and to apply, contact us at the e-mail address given on the job heading.

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Aids and resources in a classroom have been present since teaching language became popular. For learning English or any other language, to have the chance to use certain resources will help teachers to make classes more interactive, and reduce TTT. Every resource is helpful no matter how old-fashioned it may look. The use of internet, and other new aids which are making classes to enhance its productivity.Unit 15 deals with the subject of evaluation and testing. Different ways of evaluating students' English speaking level and their progress throughout a course are discussed. Some common external exams are described. From this unit, I learned of the wide variety of external exams employed internationally. I also gleaned the tip of scheduling a tutorial at the end of the week for general review and feedback.