TEFL in Togliatti, Russia!

Date posted:2005-11-28 | Writer: Hello English | Email: [email protected]

 HELLO ENGLISH has an opening for one English Teacher to start teaching in late January 2006. We are a small English school located in Togliatti, a medium sized city on the banks of the Volga River. We're about a day's train ride east of Moscow. Must be patient, flexible and have a sincere interest in Russian culture. Serious inquiries from NATIVE SPEAKERS only please.

TEFL / CELTA or recognized TESL certificate
B.A. degree
some teaching experience


One year contract
24 hours of teaching per week
mostly Adults and teenagers

$500 a month / $350 for summer (a very slow time of year)
*this is a very good salary for Russia:
Living in Togliatti is cheaper than Moscow - for example:

a loaf of bread - 35 cents US
a new cd/dvd - $1 US
lunch in a restaurant - $3-5 US and up
a bottle of beer - $1

Really though, nobody teaches in China or Russia to get rich - you can do that in Japan or Saudi. You'll have more than enough to cover your living expenses though.

We also offer:

a free private flat
free Russian language lessons
a small library of teaching materials/texts
internet access

To apply, send a cover letter, resume and first page of passport to our email address - [email protected] - contact Michael Sherman, DOS

Your cover letter should also explain why you want to teach in Russia, and a little about your teaching experience. What are your expectations? Good luck!

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This unit exposed me to things I did not even know, learning about phonetic script was interesting, it gives me something new to study within the english language. It also exposed me to the specific names of the noises that we make when we speak as well as becoming self aware to the rise and fall in our tone as we speak. This lesson will be great when teaching minor yet significant details in speaking the English languageThis unit was very informative. The unit contained information that refreshed my memory on the parts of speech. I am now more able to discuss the parts of speech and their usage in sentences. The parts of speech were presented in a clear and concise manner. I did not remember some of the names of the parts of speech. The unit will be valuable in teaching the parts of speech as it gave good examples of the parts of speech.