TEFL in Samara, Russia

Date posted:2002-11-28 | Writer: The Volga Centre for Education and Information. | Email: [email protected]

VCEI has been successfully functioning as a language school since 1999. We have english schools in Samara and Togliatti. The Volga Centre provides English language instruction for students of all age groups and levels of language ability. The Volga Centre employs native speakers of English from Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the United States. The primary aim is to provide superior instruction based on Oxford/Cambridge materials and nurture the development of Russia's intellectual and business elite. The Volga Centre is experiencing rapid growth as a result of its growing reputation as a provider of quality English language instruction. We also get our students ready for TOEFL and other tests and examinations.

We are looking for native speakers of English. Special TEFL / CELTA education and certification are preferable.

We offer you:
- salary $450 per month for the period from September till May;
- salary $250 per month for the period from June till August;
- free accommodation (a separate one-room flat);
- up to 19 hours per week for the period from September till May;
- up to 9 hours per week for the period from June till August;
- $500 of transport compensation upon the completion of the contract.

Our email: [email protected]
Tel: +7 (8462) 791762
Address: Of407, Vilonovskaya Str, 138, Samara, Russia, 443002

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit, in my opinion, is the most useful after elements of speech. Understanding the various methodologies, as well as understanding how the flow of a lesson works. Implementing the engage, study, and activate components is an integral part of lesson planing and it is of the utmost importance to understand the multiple combinations (e.g. patchwork and boomerang). Also it is important to know how to approach correction efficiently.Unlike teaching groups of adult students of general English, teaching specialised groups requires that the teacher tailor her/his approach to the intended audience. These specialised groups may include beginners, children, individual students and business people. Teaching children would require the teacher to exercise class control, be a little silly and come up with some sort of reward system. Whereas business learners, or \"clients\