Immediate Job Opening for EFL Teachers in Russia

Date posted:2015-03-03 | Writer: FLC Reward | Email: [email protected]

FLC Reward has immediate opportunities for suitably qualified EFL teachers in the biggest professional language school in one of the most attractive and modern cities of Russia – Volgograd (former Stalingrad during World War II where the famous Stalingrad battle took place).

Volgograd is situated in the south of the European part of the country on the Volga River and is very picturesque. With the population of over 1 million, it is one of the biggest Russian cultural, educational and industrial centers. The combination of all these factors makes it a perfect place to live and work. We are interested in having a responsible native level speaker who can work independently and in a team.

Reward is a rapidly developing private language school. There are 8 branches of it all over the city. We offer a wide range of group courses (5-8 students) and one-to-one tuition in a number of languages - English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Chinese, and others. Teaching English includes General English, Business English, Exam Preparation, Corporate Training and tailor-made courses. We teach adults, schoolchildren and pre-school kids.

We also offer a number of creative programs like “English week-ends” outside the city to discover the life and culture of different English-speaking countries - a kind of immersion into the language. On Sundays we have English Clubs designed and conducted by our teachers and native-speaking English instructors. Schoolchildren enjoy their holidays in our children language camps in the most picturesque areas of the Volgograd region during school holidays.

Our study rooms are designed and equipped to the highest standard. We have an extensive library of up-to-date published ESL materials; our central offices contain photocopiers, printers and computer terminals with free Internet access. However, our greatest resource is our supportive, creative and dedicated teaching staff. We currently employ more than 70 teachers including 15 from the UK, the USA, Spain, France, and Italy.

If you are attracted by the opportunity of working in a stimulating and challenging environment and feel that you can make an effective contribution to the company, we would be happy to employ you on a long-term contract.


-    Native level speaker of English;

-    CELTA, TESOL, TEFL or their equivalents   

-  Willingness and experience to teach very young learners (3 – 6-year-olds) will help our candidates to be a success in the interview;

-    Experience with Young Learners preferred.


Salary starting from 40 000 rubles. The cost of living in Volgograd is considerably lower than in our capital cities and your salary will allow to lead a very comfortable life (20,000 rubles before taxes is considered a decent salary for Volgograd).

Up to 30 academic hours per week.

Accommodation paid by the school. Fully furnished conveniently located shared accommodation. Electricity and telephone bills not paid by the school. You generally won't have to travel by public transport to the office you work at.

Free visa support; consular fees and expenses refunded on arrival, within the first month after you get your banking card.

Free legal registration of visa during the period of the contract.

Travel expenses refunded on successful completion of the contract. 

Paid vacations in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation: 28 calendar days (for a 12-month contract).

Free health insurance paid by the school.

Free training seminars on methodology of teaching.

Free group lessons of Russian given by a professional teacher of Russian as a foreign language.

Free transfer from/to the airport.

Free Internet access in our office.

Invitation to FLC REWARD social events.

Free tea and coffee in our offices.

Friendly and helpful English speaking office support staff.


Email us at the address given on the job heading.


Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Unit 8 covers the future tenses (simple, continuous, perfect, perfect continuous, going to, and present simple and present continuous) and the uses associated with them. Digressions of how to teach each tense are also co dated. The teaching suggestions helped me to really get a grasp on what uses are appropriate for each tense, which is very helpful since tenses are rather difficult for me!I am excited to learn about all the topics in this course and I hope to finish as soon as possible. Teaching young learners is quite challenging but it is interesting and rewarding for those who love kids like me. I guess after I finish all the units, I'm gonna be loaded with ideas that will help me make my teaching even better. The course certificate will give me more teaching opportunities.