TEFL in Oswiwecim, Poland.

Date posted:2005-09-08 | Writer: Ampol School of English | Email: [email protected]

We are a private language school situated in Malopolska, the most southern region of Poland. The school is located close to the historic city of Krakow and provides access to the Tatra mountain ski and summer resorts in and around Zakopane.

We offer very good pay and at 35 zl an hour you can certainly enjoy life. School is modern and nice, and teaches the Calland Method. No exp actually needed (though preferred). No prep time.

Poland is a beautiful country, with nice people, good food and a nice climate. Steeped in culture and history, it is well worth checking out.

AMPOL SCHOOL OF ENGLISH is currently looking for native speakers of English to teach teenagers and adults. The school year starts in SEPTEMBER and finishes in mid-June. We need qualified, enthusiastic, resourceful and devoted teachers who would like to work in a successful language school in Oświęcim and Jaworzno,
We run general English, and business and examination courses. The classes have a maximum of 12 students and are co-taught by a native speaker and a Polish teacher. Polish teacher is responsible for teaching grammar while native speaker works on students' speaking skills, teaching mainly conversational language and vocabulary. Regular classes take place in the afternoon (3.30-8.30), Saturday classes in the morning and early afternoon (9 a.m.- 1p.m.). Each group has two meetings a week, . We also provide language services for companies where we usually teach in the mornings or early afternoons.

The school's main office is situated in OÅ›wiÄ™cim, on the main street RYNEK GŁÃ“WNY 12. There are also two branches in Jaworzno and libiąż.

 ·  Teaching all levels of conversational English as well as exam groups 'callan method'

tests preparation and checking


 ·  teaching experience preferred but not a must
 ·  good health
 ·  be responsible and organized
 ·  have positive attitude towards teaching
 ·  ability to adjust to new culture
 ·  friendly personality

The offer includes:
 ·  good local salary
 ·  approximately 15-20 teaching hours a week
 ·  airport pick-up
 ·  teacher trainings
 ·  all the books and materials needed

Ampol School of English

Email: [email protected]

Tel 0048 33 842 48 32

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit discussed common problems in classroom situations and ways teachers can handle them. When teaching a large class it is best to have group leaders to help around the classroom. Choral drilling and pair groups are also great ways to insure that everyone is participating. During first lessons and new groups it is important to establish rapport with the students. Playing warm up games is a good way to establish trust.I fell as though this unit covered a lot of useful material.The different activities in the ESA lesson stages where very helpful and distinguishing each phase and what activity to use. The different teaching styles and the points about giving feedback and correcting students where very helpful as well. I knew a lot of this information but it is definitely a great refresher. I will use many of these activities going forward.