Teach English in Poland

Date posted:2024-02-08 | Writer: English Wizards | Email: [email protected]

Looking to teach in the heart of Central Europe and be part of Europe's most exciting and most flexible teaching program? Working with English Wizards provides a unique and revolutionary opportunity for qualified ESL teachers from all over the world to find paying work in one of Europe's hottest teaching markets. As an English Wizard, the entire country is your oyster! We do not limit our teachers to any specific schools, hours, or teaching styles. WHY POLAND?Poland is one of the world's fastest-growing TEFL destinations due to its charming culture, beautiful medieval cities, cheap cost of living, and the widespread availability of jobs for native-level English speakers. Navigating the job market alone can be quite difficult, especially without EU citizenship, but English Wizards makes the process easier than ever before!Poland's major cities, including Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, and Wroclaw, have an abundance of teaching jobs available and don't suffer from over-saturation of English teachers like some Western European cities. At least not yet!WHY ENGLISH WIZARDS?English Wizards is a community of teachers (or "Wizards" as we prefer to call ourselves) based in Poland. Our mission is to raise the quality of the local ESL market, and provide opportunities for people all over the world to live and work in Poland.We are firm believers in professional development and take pride in our teacher training academy and the support and opportunities we offer to less experienced teachers kickstarting their careers. We also work with more experienced teachers and provide them with the infrastructure and support to go on to become teacher trainers, material developers, and managers.Outside of education, we provide the highest level of support services to our teachers and curate a community that allows you to come to Poland and make yourself at home from the very first day. We run events, encourage socializing, and provide ongoing assistance in the day-to-day lives of our teachers to ensure everyone is comfortable in their new home.We currently work with over 300 Wizards and partner with over 150 educational institutions in Poland where are Wizards work. Qualifications- Native or C2 Proficiency in English across all 4 skills- TEFL Certificate or equivalent- Prior teaching experience and/or experience working with kids is highly preferred but not requiredA Bachelors Degree is NOT required to teach in Poland. SALARYYou can expect to work between 15 and 30 classroom hours per week and earn in the range of 5000 to 12000 PLN (about 1000 to 2200 Euro) per month after tax.ADDITIONAL BENEFITSBeyond your pay, additional benefits of being with English Wizards include:- Legal work visa before coming to Europe- Work anywhere in Poland uniquely, our visa allows teachers to teach anywhere in the country, not just at one school- Ongoing training and professional development from our world-class teacher trainers- Arrival and pre-departure support- Accommodation assistance- Lifetime access to a wealth of teaching resources, such as lesson materials and job guidance- Onsite support from our Polish-speaking- Orientation and regular social events- Being part of Poland's largest community of English teachers (300+ active teachers and counting) For details on how to apply, please contact the email address given in the job heading.