TEFL Opportunities in Peru

Date posted:2018-05-17 | Writer: International Language Center | Email: [email protected]

International Language Center (ILC) is a dynamic and growing language school, teaching English, Spanish and other languages (French, Portuguese, Italian and German) to local people and foreigners, in the quaint city of Chachapoyas, in the Andean sierra of Peru. We are always looking for foreign teachers who want to work 4 to 6 hours a day with us, and get to know the real Andean culture, far away from the beaten tourist path. This is an ideal way to use your TEFL skills. We have also started schools and projects in other places of northern Peru: Bagua, Moyobamba, Chiclayo, Mancora..  We provide English-learning programs in smaller communities in the Amazonas Region.

The school was founded in 2003. It started with one table and six chairs. Currently we have around 150 students per month enrolled in the school and have just recently moved into a new building, which gives us a lot more room.


● Volunteer stipend

● ILC offers help with finding accommodation close to your workplace, detailed guidance in finding your way around the city, and on trips around Amazonas and the north of Peru / Ecuador

● Help with visa renewals and immigration procedures, and also with securing work visas (the latter if you are staying long-term)

● Translation service, if you get sick or have problems, ILC can help you out

● Help in learning about Peruvian cooking, or folk music, or dancing, salsa…

● Close knit team of staff, who are helpful and informative

● Other foreigners working alongside you, from a range of worldwide countries

● ILC offers formal job references in excellent English, so working at ILC doesn’t form a questionable gap in your resume

● ILC gives you the opportunity to teach pre-school children, children, teenagers or adults.

● Opportunities to extend your experience in other cities at our satellite schools

● ILC gives you the opportunity to teach in smaller communities around Chachapoyas

● Small classes, with the opportunity to make real friendships and connections with your students

● Enjoy the beautiful region of Amazonas, with tours or trekking, or just walking around


These are the features that will convince us the most that you’re serious about working at ILC:

Teaching experience:

It is not required, but if you have informal or formal teaching experience, we want to know about it, and we’ll value you all the more for it.  Was it with adults, teens or children?  Was it teaching EAL, EFL or ESL?  (Find out the difference, guys!)  Was it in another subject?

Teaching qualifications:

If you have a TESOL, TEFL, Trinity, or CELTA certificate, then say how many hours you have done in the classroom, and if you studied online or not.  Let us know if you have a degree or postgrad qualification in Education, if you’re a qualified teacher in your home country, all that’s good stuff! 

Describe any experience living, traveling or working overseas:

This is really key to your application.  We’ve found that the teachers who succeed at ILC are those who have realistic expectations of living in the third world, and who make serious efforts to communicate with local people. If you’ve never left home before, be honest about it.  If your personality seems right for ILC, we’ll be happy to give you a shot at it.

State what other European languages you could teach:

This is a biggie.  If you can teach French, you will probably jump to the front of our shortlist.  If you can teach German and want to stay for at least six months, likewise.  If you can teach Italian, Russian, Chinese or Portuguese, we can also offer you classes.  And … if you can teach Spanish, we might just have some classes teaching tourists we could pass on to you, too.

If you studied one of these languages, but haven’t spoken it for a while, or haven’t taught it ever, be realistic about your level.  For example, Basic French might be more persuasive if you studied it within the last 2 years.

State other skills you have:

We are particularly interested in other skills you might have such as : Public relations, communication, marketing, business administration, design, social work, arts and handicrafts, Education, library management, web design…

Being specific about when you’re thinking of coming to Peru, and how long you’d like to stay at ILC

You’d be surprised at how many great teachers kibosh their own application by never tying their availability down to a specific time period.  Give us your ideal timeframe, and then give us a Plan B timeframe you’d accept if necessary.

If we don’t have any jobs within your preferred dates, it’s possible we’ll have a cancellation in the future.  Let us know if you want to be on the Waiting List; if we contact you with a vacancy – try to respond quickly.

The majority of teachers stay 3 months to a year.  The minimum time you can stay is 2 months.

If you want to stay more than 3 months, you need to reconfirm your intention to stay on once you’ve completed two months at the school.  This means we know you’re serious about what you’re doing, and not just throwing wild promises about that will sting our students when you change your mind later.


Contact us via email at the address given on the job heading. We are constantly looking for new teachers, in English, French, Portuguese, Italian and German. We will prefer volunteers who can Teach English AND another language (French, Italian…) and/or have other skills (see above).

ILC gets about 20-30 applications for every vacancy we have, and last-minute vacancies usually get filled within 24 hours. This means that speed of response, and having (all ready and easy to read) the most persuasive details of your skills posted clearly on your resume are the two most convincing components of applying to ILC.

Your resume should also state your age, your nationality, and give a photo.

If your resume includes all of these things, you WILL be considered for the next set of vacancies, and we WILL be contacting you as soon as we can.

International Language Center

Jr. Triunfo 1098Chachapoyas,



TEL: (+51) 41 478807

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


While speaking and writing are substantially different in many ways, both of them are used for the same purpose, which to communicate with other people. Many students are more likely to focus on speaking and frequently do not do writing homework. However, it does not mean writing should be ignored. A teacher needs to help students to improve speaking skills as well as writing skills.This unit provided me with a fairly detailed idea about how to incorporate reading and listening into the lesson. Making sure to keep the students' attention is essential, normally done by using a topic that they are interested in. It also shows the importance of reading and listening and how it can greatly impact how the students are able to process information being taught to them.