How do I get a job teaching English in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic stands as one of the premier locations in Europe for teaching English abroad for several reasons, including its renowned, affordable, high-quality beer! Alongside enjoying the inexpensive yet excellent beer, teachers can relish the country's prime geographical location within Europe, a vibrant nightlife, a safe and friendly environment, and a cost of living that is noticeably lower than in other popular European teaching destinations such as France, Italy, and Spain. Additionally, there is a robust demand for TEFL-certified teachers across the nation, making it feasible for most of our course graduates to find a fitting position.

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What are the visa requirements for teaching English in the Czech Republic?

What is the best way to apply for English teaching jobs in the Czech Republic?

What are the requirements for teaching English in the Czech Republic?

Since the Czech Republic is a favored teaching destination, certain eligibility criteria must be met to secure most vacant positions. Most employers consider a TEFL certificate crucial as it equips you with practical classroom skills. The typical job also requires a full degree in any field and proficiency in English at a native level. Please note: Non-native English speakers might face challenges securing a teaching job unless they apply via a recruitment agency. Generally, a clean criminal background check from your home country is also necessary.

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What are the visa requirements for teaching English in the Czech Republic?

Obtaining a work permit in the Czech Republic isn't straightforward as it involves having a school sponsor you, a process which can be both costly and lengthy for the employer. If you manage to secure a sponsor, you will need to get your original university diploma apostilled and translated into Czech. The fee for the teacher amounts to around $100.

Most English teachers enter the Czech Republic on a 90-day tourist visa and then apply for a Zivnostensky List (Zivno), which is essentially a business license that allows you to work for any school. You can apply in person at a government Zivnostensky Office or hire a local visa agency to arrange things. The documents needed for your application include:

  • Completed application form
  • Bank or credit card statement showing access to a minimum of $8,000 US
  • Housing contract as proof of long-term residency
  • One-year health insurance policy (can be bought in country)
  • Criminal background check (contact your embassy in Prague for details on how to obtain this document)

Once you have submitted your application, the processing time could be up to three months. While waiting, your original tourist visa might expire, but you remain legally in the country as your Zivno visa application is being processed.

What is the best way to apply for English teaching jobs in the Czech Republic?

A plethora of teaching jobs are advertised online, enabling you to finish the application process before departing from your home country. If you succeed in securing a job this way, your employer is likely to help you arrange for a work or Zivno visa, and may even assist with finding accommodation. If your online job hunt is unsuccessful, it's common for teachers to arrive in the country and apply for jobs directly. Numerous language schools are located in Prague, the most popular location for teachers, but smaller cities such as Brno, Ostrava, and Plzen are also worth considering.

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