TEFL in Taif, Saudi Arabia

Date posted:2006-03-30 | Writer: Wall Street Institute | Email: [email protected]


Native male English ESL teachers are needed to work at Wall Street Institute in Taif, Saudi Arabia. Applicants applying from overseas: open - at present - only to UK citizens and visa is ready in London. If within Saudi Arabia with transferable Iqamas, CVs of all Western Nationalities are accepted.

Qualification: BA Degree in English Language with 3-5 years previous work experience and Tefl / Tesol / Celta Certified (or any other related equivalent). Other qualifications can be submitted.

Benefits: Financial package offered include: basic salary +25% housing allowance +10% transportation allowance. Other benefits: health insurance + air ticket to country of residence once a year + 30-days annual paid vacation.

Requirements: Candidates are required to submit: detailed CV, copies of all credentials (diplomas, transcripts, experience letters, etc.) + copy of passport + recent photo.

Website for WSI in Saudi Arabia is [ Contact us ]. WSI is a global operation with over 380 centers.

Contact: Dr. A. Al-Aali, ([email protected]) or ([email protected]), Fax +966(1)468-5858.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Unit gives general overview of present tences, full, detailed and without any extra (sometimes unnecessary options, which are not needed in elementary - pre-intermediate or young learners teaching). Well, to charachterize it generally - simple, useful (both for beginners and experienced people), but not too short to be unclear. Maybe one more option will be nice to include - a bit more examples (for continuous tenses).Overall the unit was useful like the previous grammar units. I liked how it gave graphing parts for the types of modals. The passive voice part was well thought out and very easy to follow and I thought it gave an easy explanation that you could use with students. Finally the phrasal verbs were a little more confusing than the other two and hard to completely understand. I think more examples would have been beneficial.