TEFL in Saudi Arabia - East

Date posted:2008-04-08 | Writer: The Knowledge Academy | Email: [email protected]

The Knowledge Academy is the leader in language instruction in the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia with all it's language instructors being English native. The academy is operating separate male and female facilities and therefore, wishes to hire male and female instructors. We encourage teaching couples to apply for these positions. The Academy as of yet has a number of teaching couples from the UK, US and South Africa. The Academys' strategy is long term employments, i.e. our positions are suitable for couples interested to reside in Saudi Arabia for a long period of time. Umra trips to Makka and Medina are available every weekend with special discounts. You may go for Hajj at any year during your employment with much less cost than coming from Europe or Australia.

Job description:

The Knowledge Academy is a team oriented professional educational environment. Our language instructors offer 40hrs/week in teaching and related activities. Instructor Refreshment Training seminars are provided all year round. Skilled assistants are always available for personal and professional support. Tours are arranged for new comers as well as a 30-day 24hr support upon arrival. A car and a driver is made available for you during this support duration.
Job Offer:
We provide furnished housing (New), full medical coverage, an annual 30 days vacation leave with pay, transportation allowance and a very focused career development program. All government fees are paid by the Academy.
Our offer will depend on qualifications and experience. Teaching couples will have children medical coverage and children schooling advice as well.

To apply:
Please email your detailed resume, a copy of your most recent degree and a clear photo. For couples, both should send documents in one email. You may address your email to the Managing Director on: [email protected] . Please ensure that all three documents are sent at once. You are not required at this stage to send numerous certificates or other elated documents other than what is mentioned.
Feel free to ask any question by emailing the above address. You may ask before sending your documents. You may also call +966505926191 for further discussion.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


I appreciate the thorough and detailed variety of tests available for anyone who wants to learn ESL. The different tests that were discussed, (placement, progress, diagnostic, practice, achievement tests, external examinations and proficiency tests) with regards to evaluating a students level and knowledge of the english language, was helpful to read and process. I am glad I have this resource available to use.Vocabulary is very important to learn in a language. Especially beginner students at their early stage need to learn the basic words to get by in the language. This unit teaches the techniques for vocabulary teaching. It also teaches techniques for presenting language structure and most important grammatical structure and how ESA pattern which we learned before helps us to teach vocabulary and language structure.