TEFL in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Date posted:2003-05-02 | Writer: Military Language Institute | Email: [email protected]

Contract Package: salary range: US$35,000-$40,000 based on verified experience, paid in transferable UAE currency (UAE tax free); private furnished housing including water and electricity; 45 days annual leave not including UAE holidays; medical hospital care; personal effects shipping allowance; family status (spouse and up to 2 children), children’s schooling stipend; in-bound/out-bound one-way tickets and annual leave roundtrip ticket(s); professional development opportunities

Required Professional Qualifications: a master’s degree in TEF/SL, Linguistics, English, or Education; a minimum of 2-3 years of English-language instruction in non-anglophone countries; expertise/experience with computer applications and CALL/IT.

Duties: Teachers are on site from 7:30-2:30 five days a week; prepare lessons and teach three to four (fifty-minute) periods (which may include one CALL lab; assist with student assessment and course testing; prepare supplemental materials, assist with the institutional development of the curriculum and CALL materials; participate in professional development activities.

Start Date: within three months of interview/selection

Application Deadline: none, applications are accepted year-round
Formal interviews for qualified candidates are required: For immediate consideration, candidates will need to travel to the UAE for an interview at the MLI in Abu Dhabi at any time of the year. Interviews will also be held at other locations in 2003 as follows:

TESOL/Arabia-Dubai March 12-14
Washington DC, USA March 19-25 and 30/31
TESOL/Baltimore March 27-29
London, UK April 4-9

Please note that MLI provides funding assistance (hotel and domestic travel) for interviews conducted in Washington DC only. Applicants cover any travel and accommodations costs for interviews conducted at any of the other locations mentioned above.

Email contact: [email protected] (UAE) or [email protected] (US)

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


The first unit talks about the characteristics of a good teacher and a student. In addition, it indicates the differences in the approach to learning according to the learned group. The first unit explained to me what the teacher's work was and how he should behave in order to achieve his goals. In addition, I learned how to properly classify students and choose the appropriate methods based on their experience, age and expectations.I have learnt that vocabulary, grammar and function need special techniques while being taught. Some of the activities, which are suitable for one field of language, simply do not work effectively on another. I believe that it is a crucial point of the whole course since you will be able to put your effort in a right task in the framework of ESA scheme and achieve excellent results in teaching instead of trying variety of activities.