Employment teaching TEFL in Yemen

Date posted:2005-07-01 | Writer: NewHorizons Computer Learning Centers | Email: [email protected]

Republic of Yemen is the country where all the Arabian heritages meet
and adventures dwell. We offer gigantic opportunities for English teachers
to teach 6 hours a day and 5 days a week. Moreover, free of charge
entertainments and studies will be offered, for instant, Arabic Language,
computer courses and trips will be offered.
Hence, the contract will be for minimum of 6 months or 1 year or longer.

We will offer the following: -
1- shared furnished bachelor accommodation will be provided
2- Arabic Courses.
3- Computer courses. (Application, Technical)
4- e learning courses via Internet will be provided through an integrated
learning manager there are courses for business
skills and management as well as computer courses.
5- Trips including accommodation will be provided 3 days per month. (To some
places inside Yemen)
6- Salary $300 USD per month (note that food expenses will not be more than
7- If the contract is 12 months or longer, we will provide 2way tickets.
8- Female applicants will be highly appreciated.

look forward to hearing from you soon
Best regards,
Abdulrahman Assurmi

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Like the present tenses the past tense was hard to grasp if you haven't had to break it down before. I believe this unit can be a little bit longer and provide more details into trying to explain more regarding past tense.This unit it where a US student had learn in middle school then it doesn't follow them all the way up to high school where the teachers focus more on other things than the 3 tenses in the English language.lovely unit that provides all the material a teacher can use through different channels and tool. I never thought about the camera and I am totally enthusiastic about it because it is true that this exercise can help effectively a student to listen to himself and correct errors or mistakes. It can also give an objective view of himself and help understand how to improve his own level. Thank you for this wonderful suggestion.