English Teacher - Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Mexico

Date posted:2023-04-02 | Writer: Na'atik Language and Culture Institute | Email: [email protected]

English Teacher Needed in Mexico for the 2023-24 School YearGeneral Responsibilities1.    Plan and implement a regular schedule of small group English classes for students across age and developmental levels.2.    Work with the librarian for library visits.3.    Assist in the planning and implementation of special events.4.    Maintain good relations with students, their families, and all members of the Na’atik community. 5.    Work in collaboration with other English teachers and other Na’atik staff members to achieve the mission of Na’atik. Specific Duties  1.    Regularly plan lessons and develop materials and activities.2.    Conduct 14 classes, approximately 23 contact hours, per week including up to 15 hours of young learners ages 4 to 7 years old. 3.    Provide parents and students with quarterly assessments of student achievement. 4.    Conduct regular assessments of student learning and use assessments to improve instruction and assist student learning.  5.    Participate in all local promotions of the English Language Program. 6.    Collaborate in the planning, preparation, and execution of Na’atik special events, including but not limited to Halloween, Primary Camp Day, Teen Field Trip, and Year End Festival.7.    Plan and coordinate class parties for Christmas, Children’s Day, and other holidays throughout the year. 8.    Collaborate with the school Librarian and other staff members to facilitate library activities and regular circulation of library materials with Na’atik students. 9.    Welcome and include immersion Spanish and Maya (MaS) visitors to English classes to foster cross-cultural education and understanding.   10.    Write and submit end-of-year handover notes to the Director. 11.    Work with other members of the English Language Program to maintain a clean and orderly work environment.     12.    Attend all training, orientations, and professional development sessions. 13.    Attend and participate in all required staff meetings.  14.    Work with the Director and reception to monitor student attendance and retention. 15.    Work with the Director to manage student behavior and promote good citizenship among the student body. Required Qualifications•    Native English speaker or equivalent•    Undergraduate degree from an accredited university•    A TEFL/CELTA/TESOL teaching certification •    1 year of classroom teaching experience with young learners•    Adventurous and independent spirit•    Willingness to help organize and participate in special events and field tripsPreferred Qualifications•    Communicative Spanish •    Experience working in the developing world•    Experience with development or non-profit workBenefits•    Local Salary ($13,400 MXN monthly)•    Furnished housing with utilities•    Use of bike •    Four weeks of paid vacation•    Five hours of free, group classes or three hours of private Spanish or Maya classes with additional hours charged at cost•    Assistance with visa paperwork •    Reimbursement of visa costs with completed contractInterested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to Patrick Holmes at the address given in the job heading. In your cover letter, please explain why you are interested in becoming part of the Na’atik team and why you would like to live and work in Felipe Carrillo Puerto.If you fail to include the requested information, your application will not be considered. Select applicants will be contacted by email. Start date will be determined at the time of hire.  *It is a requirement for all in-person Na’atik staff and volunteers to be fully vaccinated.