TEFL Vacancies in Korea

Date posted:2010-10-20 | Writer: ETEC | Email: [email protected]

Island Life Anyone? Amazing Low stress positions in Gorgeous Geoje Island, South KoreaGeoje is the second biggest Island with a population of 250,000 people. It’s just off the southern coast of Busan and there is a bridge that connects it to the mainland. They are in just completed a new bridge which will cut down the travel time to 40 minutes. It will be completed in 2010. Currently, there are ferries to Busan which take 1 hour. It is very serene with amazing natural landscape and breathtaking beaches, yet at the same time it is not inundated with tourist attractions. There are around 200 foreigners in a tight night community.This particular school has a great track record and has been in business for 5 years. It offers a unique learning environment compared to other private academies. Its located minutes from the ocean and has amazing facilities including a mini gym, board game room, cooking room etc. The philosophy is learning through doing rather than the traditional text book memorization used in most Korean Schools. Frankly, it’s probably one of the lowest stress positions we have ever offeredThe most important attribute they are looking for is someone energetic and enthusiastic who loves spending time with younger children. It’s not traditional teaching but basically playing games and activities with children.*** Any prospective applicant must have all documents with them ready to process a visa immediately***** Job Details1. Location: Geoje Island2. The year founded: 20053. School type: private language institute4. Teaching targets: kindy, elementary~ Adults5. Class size: 10-12 max6. Starting date: ASAP7. Working hours: 11~7 pm8. Working days: Monday to Friday9. Monthly salary: 2,200,000 KRW10. Visa sponsored: Yes11. Benefits:a. Free Housing (short walking distance from the school)b. Vacation: 10 daysc. Completion bonus: Yesd. Medical insurance: Yese. Round trip airfare: Yes* QUALIFICATIONS:Successful applicants MUST have native level English proficiency (born in an English speaking country like Canada, USA, England, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, or Australia) and have a 4-year University degree. TEFL qualification preferred.* TO APPLY, SEND RESUME, COVER LETTER, AND RECENT PHOTOS TO:Kate Kwon at the e-mail address given on the job heading. Tel: +82 51 806 0830~1* ABOUT ETEC AgencyAs a recruiter who is specialized in customized placement services for both prospective and experienced ESL instructors, I know that finding the right ESL job that fits your particular specifications can be a challenge. The earlier you contact me, the sooner our team can help make your experience in Korea the best one possible.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit explains the various parts of speech and the rules governing them. I found it to be a great review. I also learned some rules about parts of speech, such as word order for adjectives, and the different types of adverbs. Being able to know such rules will be very helpful if asked to explain why certain things occur in English and to be able to help students remember and apply the rules correctly.Language is composed of simple and complex sentences which contains a lot of words.The words in English has a wide variety of parts of speech and usage.Learning from this section, I have learned the classification of the English words and specific usage.Britain's famous linguists Wilkins (Wilkins, 1972) also said that \"without grammar, little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed.\