Positions Teaching EFL in Korea

Date posted:2010-03-22 | Writer: YBM ECC | Email: [email protected]

Work with one of Korea’s Largest ESL Companies: YBM Education!

Avoid recruiters and apply directly to the YBM ECC Head office for a secure and reliable contract honored by the Corporate Headquarters of YBM Education. YBM Education has been a leader in ESL education in Korea since 1961.

3 key reasons why TEFL teachers choose YBM ECC:
1. JOB SECURITY - YBM ECC has given to its teachers a secure and reliable contract. Our contracts are fully guaranteed by the YBM Education corporate headquarters.
2. PRIME LOCATIONS IN MAJOR CITIES ONLY - All of our company owned schools throughout Korea are in prime city locations that have all the amenities a foreign teacher would need.
3. GREAT SUPPORT AND STRUCTURED CURRICULUM – Teachers can expect constant support throughout the year starting with our training and orientation. Each location has an average of 10-20 foreign and Korean teachers to help mentor and help new teachers with the transition. We have adopted the IPC (international primary curriculum) curriculum and the Harkness table approach to develop a more conductive learning experience for the students.

For positions starting April 30th, departing at the end of April
1. Songpa ECC Located near the Garak Market subway station in southeast Seoul, located near Jamsil and the Olympic Park. Songpa is very popular because it is not as congested as other parts of Seoul. You will have the amenities such as famous restaurants, fitness centers, movie theaters and many places to relax and enjoy your free time. It is also very close to the Lotte World amusement park/ Lotte Mall.

2. Gangdong ECC Located near Godeok subway station on line 5 in affluent southern Seoul. Near our school there are many parks and sports facilities such as the Olympic park. We are also close to the Sincheon and Cheonho Station, which are very busy areas with many restaurants, clubs, and bars. Also, we are close to Jamsil Station, where Lotte World the largest indoor amusement park in Asia is located.

3. Sungbuk ECC Located near Sungshin Women’s University subway station (line 4) in Seoul. We are just a short subway ride to the famous Dongdaemun market and only two stops away from the popular Daehangno (College Street) district. This is a very busy university area with many clubs, bars, shops, cafes and live shows.

1. Geumjeong ECC Located in the coastal city of Busan near the Jangjeon-dong subway station. Geumjeong is located near the popular PNU (Pusan National Univ.) area. This area has many restaurants, cafes, fashion outlets and various other stores that attract university students. Many foreigners frequent the area also to be a part of the nightlife here.

For positions starting on June 1st. departing at the end of May
1. Ssangmun ECC Located near the Korea University area also called Daehangno where many university students hang out. Our school is also near the Nowon area, which features many bars and restaurants. For hiking and nature enthusiasts, you can visit Dobong Mountain, which is also located near our school.

2. Cheongdam ECC Located in the chic and ritzy Apgujeong area, which is part of the affluent Gangnam belt. Being a region that is home to many of the rich and famous, it is often referred to as the “Beverly Hills” of Korea. It is also Seoul’s premier nightlife district and is a foreigner/tourist hot spot.

3. Yeungdeungpo ECC Located near Daerim Subway Station. This area is an affluent residential area, providing many places to eat as well as ritzy department stores. Daerim Station is only about 15mins away from the exciting Hongdae/Shinchon area and 25mins away from the Gangnam area, both famous for it’s nightlife and shopping.

4. GangSeo ECC Located near Ujangsan subway station on line 5, in the western part of Seoul. Gangseo offers a less congested environment than central Seoul but with all the amenities you would expect from a district that is part of Seoul. It is near the popular university district located near Shinchon and Hongik University subway stations known for its nightlife and eating establishments.

1. Nam-Busan ECC Located in the southern affluent part of Busan, near the coastline and is within minutes of Gwangalli Beach. There are a lot of bars, cafes, restaurants and shopping along the beach. Centum City, which is the largest department in the world, is close to this area. The school is only a few stops away by subway to the other hotspots and downtown areas in Busan.

2. Geumjeong ECC See Listing Above.

l Salary: 2.0 million won to 2.4 million won with rent-free housing
l Hours: Up to 26 actual teaching hours per week Monday to Friday (No weekend classes). Your salary will be maintained even if you are assigned less teaching hours.
l Curriculum: A conversation-based program using our pre-made, success-proven textbooks
l Training and Orientation: Up to 5 days of paid orientation by a full-time teacher-trainer.

l Rent-free furnished private housing near the school (bed, refrigerator, washer, gas range, TV, air conditioner, tables and chairs)
l Prepaid e-tickets to Korea and return tickets upon completion of the contract
l Relocation allowance 200,000 won
l Visa Fee Subsidy 50,000 won
l Korean National Medical Insurance (1/2 paid by YBM 1/2 paid by employee)
l Mandated physical exam will be paid by YBM
l Full compliance with the Korean Pension Tax (1/2 paid by YBM 1/2 paid by employee)
l Vacation days (10 days plus all Korean National holidays)

QUALIFICATIONS: Native English speaker from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. TEFL / TESOL qualifications an advantage. Must have a bachelor’s degree, criminal background check, sealed transcripts and passport.

To apply for one or more of the above listed positions please send the following to the HR coordinator Andrew Han at the e-mail address given on the job heading:

1. Your updated Resume
2. Any recent photo of yourself
3. Locations you would like to consider (list one or more)
4. Time frame you are able to begin work (such as end of December, end of January)

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


A category to which a word is assigned in accordance with its syntactic functions in English the main parts of speech are noun,pronoun,adjective,determiner,verb,adverb,preposition,conjunction and interjection .noun main types of noun are common,proper,compound,abstract and collective,plural as indicates more that one ,noun plural are usually created by adding an s,if the noun ends in ch,sh,x,s then add es.This has been a very helpful unit as I can definitely use many pointers from it in my future lessons teaching English. I have learnt how to teach various aspects of the language in a systematic and appropriate way for students so that it is easy and enjoyable to learn. It has also reminded me about how interesting the English language is and how often we use different forms of it without even realising it.