Job Teaching English in Korea

Date posted:2002-10-21 | Writer: Dalstate Consulting | Email: [email protected]

At Dalstate Consulting, we help native English speakers find jobs in South Korea. We have been helping teachers for over a year. Originally we concentrated on placing teachers in Korea's third largest city, Daegu. However, due to our success we have new contracts with ESL schools located all across Korea.

Dalstate Consulting has built a reputation, based on putting the teacher first. We take into consideration all the requirements of the teacher, to help ensure that they find the best job possible. Over the year we have placed more than thirty teachers in schools across Korea and we would love to help you find the right job! Many teachers have used recruiters in the past, and have been disappointed. We are different. Unlike other recruitment companies, we at Dalstate Consulting seek only the most competitive contracts offered and focus finding the most suitable position for you.

We are looking for experienced teachers and first timers as well - NOW! If you are energetic, enjoy traveling and are interested in learning about different cultures - read on; we have the perfect job for you!

Contact Lori at: [email protected]

Please take a look through the positions we have listed and then send us an email to include your:
1)Date of availability
2)A recent photo of yourself
3)Resume (current, include all relevant information on teaching experience and education)
4)Reference Letters
5)Reference to the job offer(s) that you are interested in (**important**)
6)Reference to seeing this ad on Dave's ESL CafE.


Daegu, (Chil - Guk) - ASAP

University graduate, native English speaker

Pay: 1.9 + million won
Student level: Elementary / Middle School
Working Hours: 2pm - 8:50 pm (max: 30 a week)
Extras: Visa sponsorship, round-trip air ticket, single housing, 20, 000 overtime, severance pay, medical insurance, 2 weeks vacation and all National Holidays.

Daegu, (Ji San Dong) - ASAP

We need 2 Canadian or American males to begin as soon as possible! Love of children is a must!

Pay: 1.9 million won (+ for experienced teachers)
Working Hours: 9:30 ~ 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm ~ 7:30
Total Hours: 30 hours a week (daily schedule fluctuates on average 7 hours a day)
Student level: Kindergarten / Elementary
Extras: Visa sponsorship, round-trip air ticket, shared housing in a huge, 3-bedroom apartment, medical, severance and two weeks vacation plus National Holidays.

Kumi (outside of Daegu) - ASAP

We currently have 4 foreign teachers at our location and we are looking for another female to join our team..

Salary: 1.9 ~ 2.1 depending upon qualifications and experience
Working Hours: 2-8:30
Student Level: elementary and middle school
Benefits: Visa sponsorship, round trip airfare, single housing, 50% of medical insurance, severance pay, 2 weeks holiday plus National Holidays.

Kumi (outside of Daegu) - November 1st

Male or Female ESL Teacher needed. Applicants should hold a university degree and be a citizen from an English speaking country. Experience with children is an asset!

Pay: 1.8 ~ 2.1 million won
Student level: Kindergarten/Elementary
Hours: times vary daily, generally between 930~1130 and 330~7
Extras: Visa sponsorship, round-trip air ticket, single housing and medical insurance, vacation time (2 weeks and National Holidays) and severance pay.

Chung Ju - November 20th Manager / Coordinator 1.9 ~ 2.5 million won

We are looking for a foreign manager/ curriculum coordinator for our well-established and reputable school in Chung Ju!

All applicants should have some teaching experience and have some relevant managerial background.

Your responsibilities will include light teaching, curriculum development and implementation as well as managing the foreign teaching staff.

We are offering top salary to the most qualified applicant, depending on qualifications it will range anywhere between 1.9 and 2.5 million won as well as all benefits (housing, airfare, medical, vacation, severance, visa etc).

Kumi - November 30th, TEACHING ADULTS

BA, Citizen of English speaking country, available for November 30th.

Wages: 1.9~2.0 million won (20, 000 won per voluntary overtime hours)
Hours: 6:30am~ 9am and 3:50~8:50pm
Student ages: 15~40
Benefits: 2 weeks vacation plus all National Holidays, 50% of medical, single housing, return airfare, severance pay equal to one months pay at the end of the term and visa sponsorship.



Lori: [email protected]
1-416-444-3765 (Toronto, Canada)

For more information about Dalstate Consulting, please visit our website. If you have any questions or concerns about traveling to, or working in South Korea, we'd love to hear from you and be glad to help you out.

Don't forget to include in your message your:
1)Date of availability
2)A recent photo of yourself
3)Resume (current, include all relevant information on teaching experience and education)
4)Reference Letters
5)Reference to the job offer(s) that you are interested in (**important**)
6)Reference to this ad on Dave's ESL CafE.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


There are different types of classes in teaching English, teaching beginners, individual students, teaching children, teaching English for a specific purpose for example Business English ann teaching to monolingual and multilingual classes. In all these classes it's important to understand the specific needs for each individual, as a teacher we need to try to meet all of these. It is important to make lessons interesting and moitvated.This unit was helpful in distinguishing the many different reasons why we listen and read. It was an important reminder that there are many different ways in which we ingest information depending on the text. For example, skimming a lengthy report for a general idea versus reading and listening in concentration to understand how to out a bed frame together. This will help when planning lessons and choosing the activities for the class.