TEFL in Japan - Nagoya

Date posted:2004-12-31 | Writer: Advantage English | Email: [email protected]

We have an immediate opening for a full time instructor primarily teaching kids in large metro area. (Some adult classes are also part of the available schedule.)

Competitive, incentive laced salary that rewards the hard worker and the good teacher: 200, 000yen guaranteed per month working only 20 contact hours. Every hour worked after the 20 hour minimum per week = 2, 500yen per hour. (If you teach 21 contact hours per week = 210, 000yen per month, 25 contact hours per week = 250, 000 per month, 30 hours = 300, 000 and so on. Most schedules run from 20-30 contact hours. (If you are able to get students to sign up during the trial lessons, you can easily get more classes, above the minimum 20 hours.)

Sponsorship: Yes

Housing: available if needed.

Location: Nagoya City. All locations are near the Higashiyama subway line, in the city.

Completion bonus: Yes. 50, 000 yen - 100, 000 paid at the end of one year signing date.

Vacation: all national holidays and summer and winter (a week -9 days each)

Applicants must have at least one year experience teaching kids, have clear pronunciation, be cheerful and energetic at all times, organized and professional. At this time we are mainly looking for a North American instructor.

Send resume with picture to: [email protected] or express mail to: Raul Boggio 1307 Morrison Ave., Tampa, Florida, 33606 (no later than Jan. 5th at this address) Phone number in Tampa: 813-251-0813 (only call if very
serious or if you need a fax number)

Applicants who are willling to start in early January will be given priority but please apply regardless of when you can start. Please specify your ideal starting date.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Teacher's attitude to the lessons makes a half of successful class. Teacher should be always interested in motivating and encouraging his/her students and also be able to involve all the students in process of studying. Students should feel the influence of their teacher that may make them inspire to study English harder. Also student must be motivated on his/her own because it will make the classes more efficient and useful.This unit covers the productive skills of speaking and writing, which are key in communication of both teacher to student interactions and student to student interactions. Speaking activities should vary among controlled, guided, and creative, which call for different levels of language control by the teacher. In writing activities, the teacher should pay attention to handwriting, spelling, layout, punctuation, and creativity.