TEFL in Hyogo, Japan

Date posted:2006-11-28 | Writer: Sasayama English Center | Email: [email protected]

Sasayama English Center, a private language school located north of Osaka, is looking for two full time teachers, preferably a couple, who can join us starting from April, 2007. Visa sponsorship is available.

Minimum requirements
 ·  Native English Speakers with 4-year-college degree,
 ·  Experience of teaching English as a foreign language to young children and adults.
 ·  We need teachers who are comfortable with working with groups of children, and can find joy in creating the most suitable lessons for each class.
 ·  As far as the job goes, you do not need to know Japanese.
 ·  We value a relaxed atmosphere and do not require the teachers to follow any dress code nor to sell any products to our students.
 ·  An international driverŦs license is required by at least one of the applicants, since the teachers will have to commute to classes. A car is provided for the teachers to use.

Conditions and Benefits:
 ·  Teaching hours : up to 28h/week, and monthly salary of 250000-yen is guaranteed for up to 100 hours a month, with overtime pay of 2500-yen/hr for anymore hours than that.
 ·  5days a week, 3 to 6 hours a day
 ·  5 long paid vacations, in March, May, August, and October (one week) and Christmas/New Years(2 weeks).
 ·  A fully furnished 2 story house with a garden is provided (the rent:45000-yen per person)

 ·  The contract is for one year, renewable with bonus of 100, 000 yen and a raise of 10000 yen/month. Also the school on renewal of the contract will pay the return flight to your home country.
 ·  Half of the national health insurance will be covered.

For more information:

Also you can check out our family web site. It hasn't been updated recently due to computer problems, but it shows a lot of what it is like

Contact us

If you want to join us, send your resume with a recent photo to

[email protected] .com


285-2 Kasugae, Sasayama Shi, Hyogo Japan, TEL/Fax 0795-56-2896 mail:
[email protected] .com

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit really opened my eyes to all the different tenses that are out there. I didn’t realize the English language had twelve tenses. It can be a difficult to sometimes distinguish between present perfect continuous and present perfect because both are related to the past and the present. It is important that the teacher find ways to help students remember one uses just have and the other one uses have been.In this unit I've learned that, a teacher's behavior greatly affects a students learning. When a teacher is more encouraging it helps the students build their confidence while giving their ideas and opinions. Remembering and calling students by their names, makes them feel more comfortable and happy. Seeing a teacher smile while correcting a student makes a student feel that it is alright and normal to make mistakes.