Teach English in Japan (2)

Date posted:2007-03-06 | Writer: Nova Group | Email: [email protected]

Teach English in Japan for a year, and while you're there ski the Alps, sample the world's best sushi, scuba dive in the tropical waters of Okinawa, participate in festivals, visit beautiful temples and shrines, learn Japanese and work with great people from around the world!

Company Profile:
Nova Group is the largest and most successful language company in Japan.

Established in 1981, Nova's network has grown to include more than 800 school branches, a state-of-the-art multimedia teaching facility and numerous support organizations.

Our teachers, hailing from all over the world, enjoy teaching fun and interactive Nova developed lessons to both adults and children.

We offer:
Competitive salaries
2-month paid training program
On-going professional development and promotional opportunities
Assistance with flights and medical insurance
Work Visas
Subsidized and furnished accommodation
Guaranteed placement for couples
Flexible departure dates, schedules and location preferences

For more information and to apply, please visit our company website: Contact us.





Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Teaching grammar has definitely been one of the greatest challenges as an ESL instructor. I find it so difficult to explain grammar rules and reasons for the rules. I imagine teaching grammar requires a lot of patience and in this case, the boomerang teaching method of incorporating activities between engagement and study will be helpful for the student and the teacher. The key may be to take grammar lessons slowly.Unit 4 provides a guide on what should be considered when teaching a new language. What might be relevant in a typical English class may not be the same in an ESL class. For example, the meaning or use of a new vocabulary word is necessary rather than its origin. This unit also provides information about grammar, language structure and language functions, with examples using ESA method (Engage, Study, Activate).