Positions Teaching TEFL in Japan

Date posted:2009-06-17 | Writer: Global Communication | Email: [email protected]

Global Communication is searching for native English speakers to work as TEFL instructors in our English conversation schools in the Kansai Region of Japan. One position beginning in July in Fukuchiyama, and other positions beginning in September and October in Wakayama and Mie Prefectures.

All openings are full-time with a maximum of 28 teaching hours per week. The salary is 250,000 yen per month. Student's ages range from 0 to adults. A university degree and an international driver's license or Japanese driver's license is required. Accommodation is available with rent subsidized at a maximum of 60,000 yen. We offer paid holidays, paid vacation as well as reimbursement of work related travel. One-year renewable contracts are available. Current visa holders are preferred, but visa sponsorship is available to successful candidates.

To apply, please send an e-mail with CV/resume, photo, and letter of introduction to: Education Links. Tel: 0737-82-2222, Fax: 0737-83-5431, or via e-mail at the address on the job heading.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This one will certainly need more practice and research. I remember my composition teacher explaining that a lot of these rules are more fluid. It is more about what is widely accepted and adapted as English continues to grow and change. I feel like this is one of the major problems for native English speakers as well, so for me I just need to reread my notes, and try to memorize the parts, and also examples.This unit was a nice refresher on past tenses as I haven't gone over them in quite a while. I will say though that the verbiage used in the lessons do not read well when it comes to taking the tests. I think that in order to improve it would help immensely if there wasn't as much jargon or if the lesson was more clear and concise. I think that if you were to improve on that aspect it would be very beneficial.