Job Teaching EFL in Japan

Date posted:2010-03-10 | Writer: Alpha English Academy | Email: [email protected]

Alpha English Academy is a small private English School located on the east coast of Hokkaido island in Japan. Alpha English Academy is now seeking for one energetic and outgoing English teacher. The position will begin April 1, 2010 or May 1, 2010. Applicants must hold a University degree, and preferably have a TEFL/TESL certificate. Holding a valid Japanese working visa and experience in teaching English in Japanese public schools (Elementary and JHS) would be an advantage. We are particularly interested in a teacher who is flexible, physically fit, willing to work overtime, good with children and as well as someone who is experienced at teaching English as a second language.

The position will be expected to work as an AET (Assistant English Teacher) at public primary schools in Kushiro City and at Alpha English Academy as an ESL. This post will be especially attractive to a young person who wants to relocate to a smaller city in Hokkaido. Alpha will provide you with free Japanese lessons if you are interested in learning Japanese. You will have a chance to meet and make friends with lots of school children, as well as friendly and interesting teachers. Also Kushiro is a good place for someone who loves nature, outdoor activities, winter sports and taking photographs.

The salary is 230,000 yen a month for 40 hours a week with two days off a week. Actual maximum teaching hours a week are up to 25 hours. Overtime will be paid 1,500 yen per teaching hour. Fully- furnished apartments are provided and are only a five minute walk from the school (the rent is 25,000 yen a month.) The teacher's yearly vacations are: all national holidays, one week during summer and one week for winter. All holidays are paid. Kushiro City is located in Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan, so someone who is used to living in cooler climates would be preferable.

Please send the following by e-mail to the address given on the job heading if you are qualified. The successful candidates will be contacted.

1. A resume that minimally includes: date of birth, education, and work experience. 2. Two recent photos (one full size and one close-up head shot/JPEG) 3. A cover letter. 4. A letter stating why you want to come to Hokkaido and teach English to school children at elementary schools in Japan. 5. A copy of your valid working visa, passport, driver's license and diploma. 6. More than two references from reliable sources. When emailing your application, please send it in either text or word format files only.

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From UNIT3 I've learnt a lot of theories, methodologies and techniques, but the most useful and interesting is method by Jeremy Harmer ESA - Engage, Study and Activate. We considered this method in detail and I guess, it effective method. I noticed, when I attended different English courses, my teachers use different techniques and methodologies, but I chose for myself course, where the main method is ESA.Grammar is very difficult part for students as well as teachers to teach foreign students about this new language. Yet grammar is a part where it needs to be carefully thought in order for student to express exact and correct words. Indirect and direct speech is very important. As much as this grammar part is difficult, I shall study carefully and have many practice before teaching this grammar to students.