Full Time EFL Teacher Needed in Japan

Date posted:2011-01-16 | Writer: ASC Eikaiwa School | Email: [email protected]

We are a small English School, founded in 1987 and located in Hokkaido (Kitami City). We are seeking a mature, qualified individual who is motivated, responsible and eager to accept challenges. Our school is offering a full-time position for a TEFL qualified English conversation teacher, commencing on April 1. The instructor will be teaching English communication skills to all ages from kindergarten students to adults.

Benefits include a salary of 3,200,000yen per year, and a fully furnished apartment: 45,000yen per month, which includes, water and electricity. No key money is needed

Applicants MUST HAVE the following attributes:

-A strong interest in teaching children is a must! Majority of our students are Kindergarten and Elementary Students.

-Enthusiasm and friendly personality.

-Sound work ethic.

-University Degree.

-Must be trustworthy able to work independently.

-Good team player.

-Energetic and fun

-Willing to accommodate to new teaching techniques and company expectations.

-TESOL / TEFL  certified preferred.

Responsibilities include, teaching demonstration lessons, creating new materials and curriculums. Working hours vary within a bi-weekly alternating schedule. The 40hour/week work schedule.

SIX WEEKS PAID VACATION! Two weeks in summer, one week during Golden Week (First week of May) and three weeks in winter. International driver’s license and winter driving experience is required. Some travel involved, for which a company car is provided. Visa sponsorship available.

Our school is located in the sunny, mountainous city of Kitami, a small city with population of approximately 120,000. Two hours north of Kushiro, on the Pacific Ocean and one hour west of the port city Abashiri, on the sea of Okhotsk. Kitami is known for having the most number of sunny days in Japan. To the west are the Taisetsuzan Mountains and National Park; the south is Akan National Park. Close to ski facilities, hot springs, and camping sites.

Please include the following: Resume, references, and cover letter outlining your reasons for applying, along with a recent photo. Photocopy of passport, Diploma, TEFL/TESOL certificates to the e-mail address given on the job heading.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


It was good; I agree with the value of defining and carefully distributing study time across all four fields of listening, reading, speaking, and writing. It's also important to remember that they complement each other; I know that for me, reading is an easy way to practice self-study, which can introduce me to vocabulary, of which some is available for me to draw upon when speaking. Exposure is valuable.The following unit has provided insight on the various future tense and has given examples and illustrations of how to teach students in various way of the future tense and how to use them correctly in the sentence and structure. Again, the illustration ahs given insight on how to use the activation stage after the study stage of the ESA so that students may understand and use the future tense correctly.