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Teach TEFL in Carpi, Italy

Date posted:2005-11-10 | Writer: Benedict School Snc | Email: [email protected]

The Benedict School, Carpi (Italy) has an opening for two EFL instructors
for January 2006 to replace two of our five teachers who are returning home
after a 1, 5 year assignment. Start Date : 9 January 2006.

Desired Qualifications :
· Recognized teaching certification (RSA/CELTA, etc...).
· Cross-cultural sensitivity
· Strong classroom management skills/organizational and planning
skills/ability to give clear, concise directions and explanations
· Some proficiency level in a second language preferred (Italian)
· Creativity /Imagination
· Good interpersonal/communication skills
· Minimum teaching experience with adults : 1 - 2 years.
· Some teaching experience with small children (welcome but not necessary).
· Some experience with instructional technology (computer-aided language instruction;
video; audio; multimedia; internet)

· Instruct students in EFL classes (private students and companies)
· Responsible for class preparation and/or curriculum and lesson planning.
· Keep record books and prepares all related materials: Enrolment and Intake Forms,
Assessments, Evidence of student progress including attendance logs.
· Works with adults in individual, semi-individual and group settings.
· Assists in enrolment and assessment process as indicated.
· Evaluates materials as to their use in the program.

We are looking for two enthusiastic, dynamic & friendly
mother-tongue teachers who are interested in more than
" coursebook class ", and who are ready to join our great team
with the desire and the ability to help our school to continue growing,
given the possibility to grow themselves. (senior teacher, D.O.S., etc...).
Positions opened for EEC citizens only.
Applicants can communicate direclty with our teachers, if they want,
to acquire direct feedback on the position.

Position details:
Teaching General English to students at all levels up
to FCE proficiency and Business English to Business
people ("at school" and "in companies").
Freelance position with guaranteed minimum of 540 hours
over a 6 month contract renewable (from Jan. 9th - July 31st 2006)
Teachers normally work more than the guaranteed hours,
and can reach 28 - 34 teaching hrs/week.
Working days : Monday to Friday; Saturday : not all year.
Housing :
Accommodation provided by the School (Large apartment,
walking distance from the school, with its own big terrace,
shared by three teachers in single rooms)
Salary range : Competitive for Italian standards.
Qualified applicants should mail, e-mail or fax a cover
letter, CV, 2 letters of reference from a Language School
and a picture to the following E-Mail : [email protected]
or by courier to the following address (not later than November 30th):

Mr. Philippe Bernet
General Manager
Benedict School Snc A. Pio 68
41012 Carpi (MO)
Fax: ++39 059 6221007
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Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In this unit, the main types of conditionals were defined and explained. Example sentences were given for each which I found very helpful in grasping the concept. Reported and direct speech were also discussed with a few examples. My favourite part, as usual, was the teaching ideas for both conditionals and reported/direct speech. These examples/ideas help me to think about how I would put this into practice when teaching.Well in this unit we got familiar with pronunciation and phonology. Although not so often taken into account by many teachers, this part of learning a language is very important for students. One exemple is to think about how where the stress is applied in a sentence can clearly change the outcome expected. We also see in this lesson the phonemic symbols and how we use our speech organs to physically articulate a language.