Summer Camp EFL Tutors Required in Italy

Date posted:2017-04-20 | Writer: Beyond English Language Learning | Email: [email protected]

BELL - Beyond English Language Learning specialises in creative, engaging and innovative English language summer camps throughout Italy, and we want fun, enthusiastic and energetic individuals to join us as English tutors this summer! A great opportunity for TEFL trained teachers. Our summer camps facilitate and encourage learning through games, songs, creative activities such as arts & crafts and performance showcases.

We aim to make English language learning fun for both tutors and students;


is at the heart of our work!

A typical day at camp starts and ends with the students singing English songs together. The rest of the day is divided between the children working in small groups with their own personal tutor and taking part in big activities with the rest of the camp. The overall aim of the camps is to give children the motivation and the confidence to speak the language.


•             Ability to lead songs, games and activities in a fun and engaging manner

•             Work with children in a creative, supportive and engaging learning environment     

•             Act as a Tutor and Role Model for new and returning Bell Summer Camp students

•             Represent and promote Bell programmes, methods and values  

•             Create and maintain positive relationships between Bell and the Camp Directors, host families, participating schools, tutors and students


•             Fun, enthusiastic, high energy and self sufficient

•             Flexible in teaching style with a willingness to learn new teaching methods

•             Creativity and the ability to facilitate a variety of large group programmes (including sports, arts and crafts, theatre, games etc.)

•             Genuine interest in (and preferably previous experience) working with children

•             Open-minded, with an interest in learning about other cultures and societies

•             Enjoy working both independently and as part of a team

•             You must be a native English speaker who is eligible to work in the EU

•             Tutors must attend one3-day training session based in Italy (arrival date options: 6th of June or 13th of June), and begin as a tutor at camp immediately following your training, for a minimum 2 week contract.

Important Information

Training Dates:   Training 1 – 6th of June

                                             Training 2 – 13th of June

Contract Length:              Two weeks minimum following training (to 24/6/2017 following training 1; or to the 1/7/2017 following training 2)

Job Type:                            Paid, €440 after tax every 2 weeks – all meals and accommodation included throughout your stay.

Added Extras:     Receive extensive BELL training in Italy, provided free of charge, with accommodation and food included.

Tutors experience Italian culture first-hand at a local level through homestay accommodation, with full bed and board provided by your host family.

Training and Summer Camp Session Dates

Bell Beyond Training will equip you with the necessary skills to become an excellent tutor in areas such as classroom management, planning and preparation, classroom games, crafts and large group activities. Training takes place over a three-day period (Training 1 arrival date: 6th of June; Training 2 arrival date: 13th of June 2017), following which tutors travel to their first camp! Your accommodation and food is provided throughout this time.

Please note that you must only attend one training session, but must be available to go to camp for a minimum of two weeks immediately following this.

Tutors who attend training 1 must be available until Saturday 24th of June, or if attending training 2 must be available to the 1st of July. However, you can apply to be a tutor for as many consecutive weeks beyond this as you are available!


If you’re interested and would like to learn more about our company and what we do, visit our website, our Facebook page and our YouTube channel. Take a look around and watch some videos from last year’s camps!

For further information and details about the application process, please email us at the address given on the job heading and we'll be happy to help!

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best of luck in your application!       

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Each word of a sentence is known as \"part of speech\" and they all obey to certain rules. These rules generally decribe how each part of speech works and interacts in the sentence, but sometimes we can find some exceptions that must be learnt by heart. Among these parts of speech, prepositions and verbs can be considered the trickiest due to their large variety of exceptions and rules.I will definitely want more time learning and reviewing this unit. \"Phrasal verbs, or multi-word verbs, consist of a verb plus one or two particles. A particle may be a preposition or an adverb, or an adverb plus a preposition.\" I think it is a great suggestion to keep track of the phrasal verbs that have been taught to the class and use them naturally doing conversation and practice.