TEFL in Indonesia - Jakarta

Date posted:2006-12-06 | Writer: EF English First Sunter | Email: [email protected]

We are recruiting certified teachers for our school in North Jakarta. If
you have completed a TEFL / TESOL certificate course (or equivalent) that included teaching practice, please see what EF Sunter has to offer.

 ·  Return air ticket to the country of origin
 ·  Visa and work permit
 ·  Medical insurance and medical allowance
 ·  Bonus of one month's salary upon completion of contract
 ·  14 vacation days in addition to an abundance of public holidays
 ·  One year renewable contract
 ·  Free internet access
 ·  Furnished, shared housing


Jakarta is the largest city in Southeast Asia. It is a crowded, congested
and exciting third-world city. Because Jakarta is Indonesia's most
international city, most familiar western chains shops and restaurants can be found. Jakarta is a young and lively city and many teachers take full advantage of the abundance of the entertainment and social opportunities. Many teachers plan to come to for a year and stay much longer thanks to Indonesia's uncommon hospitality. EF Sunter, located in suburban North Jakarta, is a twenty-minute taxi ride from the city centre. Beaches are 2-4 hours away. Many teachers choose to spend their weekends at West Java2s surfing and beach destinations. Sunter is the best of all worlds a convenient, quiet neighborhood in a big city.


Teachers average between twenty and twenty-five teaching hours per week.
Most of our students attend high school or university but we also have
children's classes. Applicants with experience or a preference for
teaching children are urged to apply.
We offer a competitive salary, which allows a comfortable lifestyle. The
cost of living in Indonesia is relatively low. Teachers can easily afford
entertainment and frequent weekend getaways.
If you would like more information about working at EF Sunter, please

Paul Keys
Director of Studies
EF English First Sunter, North Jakarta
Phone # : ++ 62 21 651 93 73
Fax # : ++ 62 21 651 93 19
E-mail : [email protected]

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This lesson was pretty straight forward. I think that I much prefer the lessons that go over teaching methods and vocabulary as opposed to lessons that focus on grammar and tenses. That is probably because that is what I hated learning about in school myself. I think that these lessons are much easier to digest in comparison to some of the earlier lesson. I would say this lesson is extremely efficient and effective.This unit gives the novice teacher enough resource power to begin teaching students. There are various teaching methods with enough flexibility that a teacher can create a lesson plan from a beginner to students with a good working knowledge of the English language. This unit gives the next foundation block that will help a novice teacher the confidence to accomplish the school's syllabus to a variety of students.