Teach English in Jayapura, Indonesia (2)

Date posted:2006-10-04 | Writer: English First Jayapura | Email: [email protected]

English First Jayapura is a new school (opened May 2005) located in the beautiful town of Jayapura in the Papua province of E. Indonesia. Jayapura offers a unique blend of cultures from throughout Indonesia, access to beaches and forested mountains, and a tranquil environment not often found in other Indonesian cities.

- A Native Speaker from Great Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or The United States (as dictated by Indonesian visa regulations)
- An accredited TEFL certificate (TESOL / CELTA) from a recognized 4-5 week intensive course that included extensive teaching practice, peer observation and evaluation after every practice lesson from your peers, your trainer and yourself.
- A four-year University degree.
- In some cases other qualifications will be considered, depending on the nature and extent of experience.
- A genuine enthusiasm for teaching in general and a willingness to teach people of all ages is essential.
- A positive attitude and the ability to work as part of a team. You will need to be flexible and adaptable enough to cope with living in a developing country and open-minded enough to appreciate a different culture.

- A rupiah-based salary sufficient to support a comfortable lifestyle.
- Reimbursement of round-trip airfare from city of hire to Indonesia (3 months - 50%, 9 months - 50%).
- All visa and immigration costs covered.
- Teacher housing included.
- One month's salary bonus upon completion of contract.
- 10 days paid leave, all Indonesian public holidays, plus 2 weeks during Christmas and Ramadhan holidays.
- Basic health insurance.
- A vibrant, positive working environment with support from experienced teachers and opportunities for future career advancement.

Vacancies available immediately for a rapidly growing school.

Contact Information:
Chris Toomer
Director of Studies
English First Jayapura
Jl. Jend. Ahmad Yani No. 20
Jayapura 99111 - Papua
(t) 62 (0967) 535 122
(f) 62 (0967)537 546
[email protected]


Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


I really liked this Unit as it gave me a lot of ideas to use in the classroom. I think, if used correctly, the use of technology can be an invaluable tool to support and supplement more traditional resources. I think that technology should not be overused though, particularly the use of videos (e.g. showing movies) as students(particularly younger students) may start to expect it and pay less attention when not used.Phonemic learning is another way for students to sound out vocabulary and enhance their pronunciation capabilities. This will install confidence in the student as their vocabulary grows. It is imperative that correct English pronunciation be taught at the outset of the language lesson. This has to be done eventually, so it may as well be done up front, even if that means it will take extra time within the lessons.