Job Teaching English in Jakarta, Indonesia (2)

Date posted:2012-05-16 | Writer: EF English First Kelapa Gading | Email: [email protected]

We are recruiting certified EFL teachers for our school in North Jakarta. If you have completed a TEFL / TESOL certificate course (or equivalent) that included teaching practice, please see what EF Kelapa Gading has to offer.    * Round trip air ticket from the country of origin    * Visa and work permit    * Medical insurance and medical allowance    * Bonus of one month's salary upon completion of contract    * 14 vacation days in addition to an abundance of public holidays    * One year renewable contract    * Furnished, shared housing     ABOUT LIVING IN JAKARTAJakarta is the largest city in Southeast Asia. It is a crowded, congested and exciting third-world city. Because Jakarta is Indonesia's most international city, most familiar western chains shops and restaurants can be found. Jakarta is a young and lively city and many teachers take full advantage of the abundance of the entertainment and social opportunities. Many teachers plan to come for a year and stay much longer thanks to Indonesia's uncommon hospitality. EF Kelapa Gading, located in suburban North Jakarta, is the best of all worlds - a convenient neighborhood in a big city.WORKING FOR EF KELAPA GADINGTeachers average between twenty and twenty-five teaching hours per week. Most of our students attend high school or university but we also have children's classes. Applicants with experience, or a preference for, teaching children are urged to apply.We offer a competitive salary, which allows a comfortable lifestyle. The cost of living in Indonesia is relatively low. Teachers can easily afford entertainment and frequent weekend getaways.If you would like more information about working at EF Kelapa Gading, please contact Joanne Lay, Director of Studies, at the e-mail address given on the job heading.Note: Due to strict immigration regulations, we are only able to consider applicants native to The UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

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This unit was very informative pertaining to the usage of e present tense. I was not aware there were so many rules pertaining to present tense. I feel as though what might be helpful in future classes is to use the resources at the end of the chapter. This seems l Ike it may be a challenge to teach in a classroom, and an instructor needs to be well versed in the usage of all of the different tenses.From unit 9 I learned how to make a proper teacher plan and how it’s important to have well done teacher plan. Also you should leave some space for creativity and make your plan flexible. For me personally teacher plan of a grammar lesson it’s a “must have” feature when you go to the class. It will help to make class dynamic and it’s easier to stick with the class structure.