Employment teaching English in Jakarta, Indonesia

Date posted:2006-08-15 | Writer: EF English First Cibubur | Email: [email protected]

Teach In A Prestigious Indonesian Town

Life and work at English First Cibubur

EF English First is a Swedish-based international company dedicated to educational exchange and English education. English First schools in Jakarta are locally owned franchises, which follow the parent company's norms concerning the operation of a professional ESL center. Working conditions and benefits can vary between English First schools. We are happy to explain the details of the contract and compensation package to all applicants. We are located between Jakarta and Bogor which gives you either the big city or beautiful countryside and mountains. Cibubur is a new developing town and is quite exclusive with many ministers and indeed the president living locally. There are also many military hierarchies which makes Cibubur an extremely safe place. We operate two schools, Citra Gran and Kota Wisata with the second school being only ten minutes away. The main school is located in Citra Gran Complex which comprises of a supermarket and a mall, plus many shops and restaurants. The housing complex is behind the mall and it has its own pool/sports centre. It is really quite pretty and prestigious. The teachers' houses are located there and in each teachers house we provide furnishings, TV, fridge, cooker, etc, etc. We also provide a servant to clean and do whatever is necessary. Housing is free and we also pay towards household bills such as power/tel/water/security/garbage collection.

The students

About 70% of our students are children/teenagers and they are placed on ability in classes of between 8-12 students per class. Young adults and mature students come in the evenings. Teaching is between 3pm and 9pm depending on the teacher's schedule. Each class is 1 hour 20 minutes long. Monthly contact teaching is 100 hours with overtime paid above this total and most teachers make some overtime every month. All material is by English First and is designed to be easy to teach.

The classroom

The General English curriculum consists of 16 levels. We provide the student with a solid base in the structure of the English language as well as a genuine opportunity to speak. This involves the extensive use of communicative methodology to reinforce and complement various grammatical points throughout the syllabus. In any given level at least 4 periods of 40 minutes each are devoted to work on computers where students can use CD-ROMs to practice English at their own pace. In addition, teachers have a broad range of choices for designing and using their own supplementary materials. There is a resource library including supplementary activity files for every level, resource books, laminated materials, cassette tapes and videos.


Instructors teach an average of 17-18 classes per week. Each class lasts an hour and twenty minutes. Most teachers have classes from 3pm or 4:30pm until 9pm. The school sometimes runs morning classes and teachers must make themselves available for these if asked to do so. Occasionally teachers have to be available for substitute duties or for giving oral placement tests to new students.

Compensation and benefits

Those doing their own research on Indonesia will know that average income for nationals is extremely low by Western standards and the price of most goods and services reflect this. The compensation below allows for a comfortable lifestyle including the cost of vacations within Indonesia. The salary is equivalent to a mid level manager here in Indonesia. We are happy to answer any specific questions about this during the application process. Our compensation package includes:

* One year renewable contract. * Return ticket to country of origin. * EF assumes all costs involved in procuring a work visa, including the cost of the necessary trip to Singapore. * EF provides medical insurance covering hospitalization and an annual medical allowance of 1 million rupiah. * Bonus of 1 month's salary upon completion of contract. * 14 vacation days in addition to 2 weeks off when the school is closed (at Christmas and the end of Ramadhan). * Free internet access. * Free accommodation shared with other teachers in our furnished school houses.

Qualifications Required

Native speakers of English only please(US, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ), recognized TEFL Certificate (RSA CELTA, Trinity or equivalent) or suitable experience and background. Those without certification but with supporting experience will also be considered. Those with University degree will be given preference.

If you feel you have the required background and skills, please send your application letter along with CV, supporting documents, copy of passport and email address to:

Jimmy Crouch Director of Studies EF English First Cibubur Komp. Ruko Jimbaran Citra Gran Jl. Alternatif Cibubur KM 4, Blok R1 No. 27 Cibubur 17435, Indonesia Phone: +62 21 8459 0383 Fax: +62 21 8459 0382 e-mail : [email protected]


Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Learning the phonetic alphabet is challenging, but the similarity between many of the symbols and English letters helps immensely. Before this unit I had not given much thought as to how my vocal cords create sound or how the spoken word is formed. The topics of this unit are not things that a native speaker notices unless they are pointed out. I will use my new awareness to improve the teaching of my future students.This unit has reminded me of the past tense as verbs expressing activity, action state or being in the past. It reviews that in English, there are two types of past tense: simple past present tense - Past Progressive Past Simple Past Perfect Past Perfect Continuous The present tenses - Present Perfect Continuous Present Perfect Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous both refer to the present and to the past.