Lower Primary Class Teacher (Year 3)

Date posted:2024-06-03 | Writer: Renaissance College | Email: [email protected]

Renaissance College is looking for a Primary Year 3 Class Teacher (Lower Primary) to start in August 2024. The position will be a full-time two-year contract, renewable by mutual consent. See ESF Terms and Conditions for further details of the package.

Position Summary

Renaissance College is a leading educational organisation. Teachers in the year-level are expected to exemplify excellent professional practice which leads to high standards of learning and teaching within the curriculum. Teachers are also expected to support the wellbeing and co-curricular work of the school and be reliable in exercising their daily responsibilities. Class teachers embrace learning diversity, modelling, advocating for, and nurturing high expectations for learning amongst all students in their care, personalising learning for all children in recognition of needs. Within their teaching teams, class teachers collaborate with a team of six educators (including themselves) and between 4-6 educational assistants. Teachers must also be skilled at collaborating with single-subject teachers from across the school as well as members of the Learning Enhancement Team (LET) to live our vision, mission, and Bedrock Principles.

Working as part of a team under the guidance and direction of the Year-level leader, the teacher is expected to fulfil the following roles:

- Provide learning experiences for every student corresponding to their needs, abilities, and stage of development, by teaching a programme that gives each student the opportunity to experience success, and which challenges each student to achieve their full potential

- Use structured concept-based inquiry to nurture learning, relying on student data to inform teaching

- Establish effective and positive relationships with students based on mutual respect, recognition of the individuality of each student, affirming their identity and sense of belonging

- Provide a safe, effective, challenging learning environment and an attractive, welcoming classroom that is conducive to learning

- Teach students, as timetabled, employing assessment of learning practices including feedback to feedforward

- Assess, record, and report on the development, progress, and achievement of students in accordance with the Primary Years Programme (PYP) expectations and the assessment policy/guidance of Renaissance College

- Collaborate and cooperate with other staff (whole school) on the preparation and development of a progression of learning and teaching resources, in alignment with leading learning & teaching practices used at the school

- Safeguard the health & safety of children

- Keep up to date on teaching and international education developments, sharing enthusiasm and resources with colleagues

- Regularly refer to professional learning and curriculum resources (sourced from MyIB [PYP Resource Centre], RCHK PHI platform & the Primary Staff Handbook)


The Primary Class Teacher is expected to have the following skills, capabilities, knowledge, and experience:

Skills and Capabilities:

- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

- Effective collaboration skills

- Outstanding organisational skills

- A high level of motivation

- The ability to take initiative, self-direct, and exercise sound professional judgement

- Analytical and problem-solving skills

In-depth knowledge of:

- Effective learning and teaching practices to support students and educators in an environment that caters to learning diversity

- The progression of child development in relation to learning

- Planning, collaboration, and team-building processes

- Research-based assessment practices for, as, and of learning

- The Primary Years Programme (PYP)

Educational Background & Experience:

- Bachelor's Degree in Education, or

- Bachelor's Degree in any subjects with PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate of Education), or equivalent

- Relevant teaching experience within a recognised educational organisation as a primary practitioner

- Teaching the IB-PYP required

- TEFL/TESOL certificate preferred

Please apply via our careers page:

For enquiries, please contact Alice Har at [email protected].

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and offers may be extended prior to the job closing date.