Director of Curricular Programs (August 2025)

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“You can be the best version of yourself professionally at HKIS. You have the space to try things, the resources to support it, and a faculty that wants to do exciting things for students.” The comment from one of HKIS’s senior leaders captures the opportunity provided by a newly designed administrative position, the Director of Curricular Programs. The Director will work with faculty and the administrative team to lead professional efforts so that students “learn with compassion, solve with inquiry, and serve with action” at one of the most dynamic international schools in the world.

Starting in August 2025, The Director of Curricular Programs will provide school-wide leadership in developing, implementing, assessing, and improving the curriculum, ensuring that the Christian educational mission, high quality of education, HKIS’ Student Learning Results and strategic objectives are embedded into the curricula and are achieved. The position will implement strategies for a long-term professional development program that aligns with the school’s strategic and operational objectives, securing HKIS’s position as a leading center for Professional Learning.

The Director will oversee all aspects of the Reception 1-Grade 12 curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional learning. The position will report to the Associate Head of School and will oversee the Director of Chinese Studies & World Languages, Schoolwide Curriculum Leaders, the Spirituality Coordinator, and the Service-Learning Coordinator.Aligned with American educational standards, the HKIS curriculum is grounded in an inquiry-based approach of deep questions and authentic challenges. Advanced Placement courses extend learning opportunities in the High School. The Understanding by Design (UbD) model serves as a framework to guide the development of the curriculum. Whether working closely with the principals and other school leaders or collaborating with faculty on various working groups, the Director of Curricular Programs will be an advocate for excellence and coherence in the learning experience of all students.


Advance all Curriculum Priorities as Informed by the School’s Touchstone DocumentsThe Director of Curricular Programs will lead collaborative processes, in partnership with the administrative team, curriculum leaders, and teachers, to ensure that the written curriculum is reviewed and delivered consistently, and that assessment and instructional practices are aligned across all grades. In facilitating this work, the Director will skillfully balance systems thinking with student-centered approaches that provide choice and opportunity. HKIS’s mission, Student Learning Results, strategic objectives and the “Understanding by Design Framework” will serve to inform excellence and coherence in the learning experience of all students.

Support and Enhance Schoolwide Professional CapacityGrounded in their commitment to inspire collaborative, creative, and resilient students, HKIS teachers are encouraged to make full use of their talents. The professional community, consisting of veterans and newcomers, values the professional and supportive atmosphere, and the resources available for growth and development. The Director of Curricular Programs will develop and coordinate a long-term professional development plan that aligns with the school’s objectives, emphasising teamwork in pursuit of a shared school vision. The Director will have the opportunity to secure HKIS’s position as a leading place of learning for teacher professional growth. This will include monitoring plans to ensure they are targeted and aligned, building the professional development calendar for internal and external consultants and events, and developing the budget to support the activities.

Partner with the School-Wide Leadership TeamMembers of the HKIS leadership team support each other as thought partners, sounding boards, and collaborators. The Director of Curricular Programs will be expected to hold the teaching and learning lens for this team while being comfortable asking questions, seeking support, and responding with grace and equanimity to the long-term and day-to-day challenges of leading a school. The Director will facilitate the team tackling learning issues such as how to meld standards with ample opportunities for students to exhibit depth of understanding, pedagogical approaches that best reflect inquiry and conceptual grasp, and how to make the best use of learning data to inform instruction.

Provide Leadership in Learning ProgramsThe Director will set high standards for performance and supervise and evaluate direct reports in the areas of Chinese Studies & World Languages, Curriculum and Assessment, Spirituality, and Service Learning. The Director will ensure that the curriculum and programs in these areas align between divisions and are focused on the achievement of the strategic and operational plans. The scope includes a Dual Language Immersion Program for students in R1-5, the veracious Chinese language department, and service-learning experiences that are authentic and transformative. The Director will coach, activate, and maintain motivation toward purpose and impact in these significant areas.

Opportunities and Challenges

• Consolidate teaching and learning priorities as informed by the strategic plan, ensuring that the direction is maintained and that timelines are met.• Align the four divisions for a cohesive curriculum, balancing student-centered approaches with consistency and accountability.• Collaboratively capture and share effective R-12 pedagogical strategies from experienced HKIS teachers who have honed their skills in inquiry-based instruction.• Solidify systems and structures such as common planning time, decision-making protocols, and other collaborative approaches to support faculty in change.• Activate teams with a sense of purpose and efficacy to build a common understanding of “our work.”• Increase use of data for collaborative inquiry to set goals to drive continuous improvement of teaching and learning.

Qualifications and Personal Attributes

Successful candidates will have the background and skills that include the following:

The ideal candidate will have experience as a senior leader in a sizable and complex school setting, with background as a principal preferred. The candidate will have led academic program and curriculum development efforts and have a proven track record for successfully facilitating change and school improvement initiatives. The candidate will have an advanced degree in Educational Leadership and Curriculum or a related field.

Strong candidates will demonstrate:

• Deep knowledge of research and current trends in American and international curriculum, and pedagogy (e.g. assessment, instructional strategies, technology integration, and the use of data to inform instruction);• An open and collaborative leadership style that genuinely invites and respects the perspectives and talents of others and fosters a culture of sharing and inclusivity;• Experience in supporting and developing the growth and evolution of faculty;• The ability to articulate curricular and pedagogical vision and the skills necessary to prioritise work in a dynamic environment;• A propensity to see the “big picture,” look at systems holistically, and to manage the relationships and processes necessary to implement strategy;• Sound planning and organisational skills with a demonstrated ability to achieve goals on a timely basis with evidence supporting the results;• Exceptional written, verbal, presentation, and facilitation skills;• The ability to be highly organised, yet also flexible and adaptable;• The capability to coach, supervise, inspire, and activate a highly capable team toward a shared purpose;• A growth mindset, a good sense of humour, strong emotional intelligence, and a joyous spirit.


• As a school grounded in the Christian faith, HKIS hires Christian teachers and administrators as well as those of other faiths. HKIS seeks to hire candidates who are interested in the complex questions of faith and spirituality and who are keen to learn and interact with others of different faith traditions;• Demonstrable understanding of best practices in the implementation of a religious education program in a school grounded in the Christian faith that has a diverse student body and community;• Understanding of Lutheran theology and its application to education is desirable.

To Apply

To apply, e-mail your CV to [email protected]