TEFL in Essen, Germany

Date posted:2008-02-05 | Writer: Easy English | Email: [email protected]

One- to two-year contract starts in spring or summer of 2008. Private language school seeks new addition to team of teachers Business English experience, comprehensive teaching background and basic German skills required

Easy english is a small school that was founded in 1994. We are located in an old villa near the city center of Essen, just 30 kilometers from Düsseldorf. There are currently 8 full-time teachers and 2 part-time teachers freelancing with us.

We believe that every student has different needs and requirements when it comes to learning a foreign language. We are committed to flexibility in reacting to those needs by providing individually tailored courses.
Therefore, no specific methodology is promoted at easy english and there is no fixed syllabus. Teachers are free to independently plan and conduct their lessons as they see fit.

Most of our courses take place in-company and approximately a fourth of our courses take place at the school. All full-time teachers are guaranteed 20 lessons per week, though most work more than 30 lessons per week. A single lesson consists of 45 minutes, with most classes being double lessons. The successful applicant would most likely teach a variety of courses, ranging from one-to-one lessons to conversational lessons to corporate group lessons. Almost all of our students are adults/business professionals and tend to be highly motivated and hard-working. Class sizes vary between 1 to 10 students and learning levels vary between beginner to upper-intermediate.
As a freelance teacher, the successful applicant would have complete
control of his/her schedule and could accept or decline any courses offered to him/her.

Please send your CV and a current photo to Ute Schulz at
[email protected] if you meet the required qualifications and are seriously interested in the position.
Because we are looking to hire freelance teachers, there is no set contract limit. However, we prefer to hire professionals who are willing to make a 1-2 year commitment. Those applicants willing to make a commitment of at least 1 year should have the following qualifications:

-Must be a native-English speaker
-Must be at least TEFL/TESOL/CELTA qualified
-Must have at least 2 years EFL teaching experience abroad
-Must be able to work autonomously
-Must be willing to travel on a daily basis (in-city travel)

-Good German language skills
-Experience teaching Business English to corporate professionals at all

-The current starting rate for experienced freelance teachers is 15.00 euros per 45-minute teaching hour. Lesson preparation time is not paid.
-All freelancers are responsible for paying their own tax and social
security payments, but may offset some costs against tax.
-Freelancers are not entitled to paid bank holidays, personal holidays, or sick days.
-Freelance teachers are responsible for their own relocation/travel
-All new freelance teachers will be provided assistance in the following areas: obtaining a residence permit and/or work permit, finding accommodation, setting up a bank account (direct deposit participation required).
-Normal travel time to courses is not paid. Teachers are only compensated for work-related travel time in excess of 45 minutes one-way and for work-related travel outside of Essen

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


The unit talks about different methodologies, mistakes and feedback. Due to the fact that there are many different methodologies its very important to a teacher be able to analyse which one to use according to the students. Correcting mistakes is a challenge to all teachers and to know when and how to do it is as important as giving a good class. Feedback is always important for the students and teachers as well.As mentioned in the other units that have taught grammar, most of the material seen needs to be expanded upon with additional material in order to dominate the topic and perfect the usage in order to gain more security on the topic at hand. It would also be useful to have a better idea on how tenses are used in other languages in order to allow students from different cultures to better grasp the subject taught.