EFL Job in Germany

Date posted:2012-03-22 | Writer: ISL Sprachschule | Email: [email protected]

ISL Language School in Pforzheim, Germany, is looking for a full time native English speaking EFL teacher to start in May 2012. The school teaches mainly to adults in small groups, single classes and in company. We have 2 schools in this area with 15 full time teaching staff, many from the USA, (work visas are not a problem as this is a full time position).

The teacher must fullfill the following:

Be a native speaker

Have a driving licence (we provide the car – stick shift)

Have the ability to explain English grammar. A TEFL or equivalent qualification is preferred.

Have teaching experience (at least 1 year)

We offer a monthly salary of euro 1600 gross or net 1135 for 33 hours (á 45 mins) per week of teaching. As this is a full time position you are fully medically insured with pension contributions as per the German system. Please note - that an extra ca. 40% (paid by the school) goes towards those benefits - i.e. medical, pension, unemployment insurance etc... so that the Gross pay is considerably higher than the NET. 25 days of paid holidays per year (2 weeks of which are to be taken at christmas-only time when the schools close in the year) plus all the usual paid public holidays (about 11 per year in germany).

Teaching method: Most classes have a course book but teachers are encouraged to tailor their own program to the students needs - i.e. no rigid program. Lots of materials for roles plays, grammar games, discussion topics etc. are available and teachers should copy lots of extra material for the students.

A sound knowledge of English grammar is essential - teachers who cannot explain grammar in Germany will have a hard time keeping their credibility with students. For those who don't have this we do organise training times with you before you go into classes.

Student levels: Most Germans have had 3-4 years of English at school - so they usually have the basics. Typically they need work on fixing past simple, present simple, present perfect etc.. About 70% of the classes are at this level. The rest are beginners or more advanced students.

Cost of living in Germany: the schools are not in expensive areas of Germany. A teacher typically has the following costs per month:

1. Housing - Euro 350 - 450 per month - some teachers have costs under this - this will get you an apartment of ca. 40 - 50 m2.

2. Food & Basics: Euro 300 per month - this is on the very high side.

Which leaves a teacher with at least Euro 400 per month for other spending needs - if any.

We set up initial accommodation.


Koblenz - about 20 full time staff and many part time people.

Ettlingen (near Karlsruhe): about 10 full time staff plus part timers.

Pforzheim: about 8 full time staff. - these 2 schools operate very closely together - as they are about 35km apart

As this position needs to be filled quickly please send a CV/resume with photo and tel number to the e-mail address given on the job heading.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Again, the points made in this lesson are applicable to good general instruction. The stages engage, study, activate focus instruction for the learner and provide a framework for the lesson plan for the instructor, especially in providing the instructor with options to plan the lesson. The concept of when and how to correct mistakes, not errors, is important to continue the engagement of the learners.In this unit it has shown me what type of tests are needed in particular stages of teaching, I believe it was very informative on the different types of tests that should be given to students. This unit has given a good explanation on why the students should be assessed. However it is also important to get feedback from the students because it will show what needs to change with in teaching the class.