TEFL Job in Rural France

Date posted:2013-07-17 | Writer: Ipsé Formation Linguistique | Email: [email protected]

Our small and friendly language school, established in 2001, is based in rural France. We are currently looking to hire a full time English teacher. The contract would be for a 35 hour week (Monday-Friday) with 5 weeks paid annual leave and of course all the public holidays. The ideal candidate would have previous ESL experience and be keen to join a young and dynamic team, but also be happy to have a quieter life in rural France. We are based 15 km from St Etienne and there is a regular bus service. We have 7 teaching rooms, a friendly reception area for our students and a spacious teacher room for our team.  The starting salary would be 1,500€/month Gross. The ideal candidate would be able to start the end of August.

To apply, contact Tania Michaud at the e-mail address given on the job heading.

Allée du Moulin

St Paul 42480

La Fouillouse

Tel  :  04 77 30 29 37

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit covered common problem situations that may arise in the classroom and gave practical tips and advice for resolving them. Unit 20 also reenforced the need to be creative and common sensical in your approach to teaching. We were encouraged not to get to technical, at least at first, but rather to focus on the students and building rapport in order to make learning English less of a chore.This unit is about Past Tenses. It gives a brief discussions of the form and usages of it's tenses. Similar to the present tenses. There are four major form such as, the past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. The discussions about the forms and the usage is very useful in teaching grammar point. It s easy to understand, particularly the activities that also given.