TEFL Job in Uzbekistan

Date posted:2013-10-21 | Writer: Prime Coach English Training Centre | Email: [email protected]

Prime Coach English Training Centre in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, prepares students for IELTS exams as well as general ESL classes. We have been working in Uzbekistan since 2010 and during this period we have achieved a reliable reputation due in part to our staff. At present we are looking for new TEFL qualified teachers, as the company is growing. Our IELTS instructors and ESL teachers are expected to make classes culturally diverse. The age groups of our students vary, but the majority of students are between 17-30 years old.


1. Salary - 1.500.000 Uzbek sums/month; 

2. Accommodation in the Civic Center - a 2-bed-room  apartment which will be shared between two teachers. The apartment will be about a-15-minute walk from the work place. It will be fully furnished and all the required facilities will be included  (oven, fridge, TV, tables, beds, chairs, etc.) 

3. Housing utilities (electricity, gas, hot and cold water) - could be up to US$100 per apartment per month ;

4. We will also cover the registration fee which is about US$120 – per person; 

5. Transfer to/from airport - we will meet teachers and take them home; 

6. We will prepare and pay for the invitation letter, as well as the other necessary documents for coming (Work Permission which is about 1.300.000 Uzbek sums - US$620 - per person).

7. We will also cover all visa expenses - entrance visa and working  visa prolongation - all together which will be US$320 for both visas – per person; 

8. We will conduct a-1-day orientation tour of Tashkent.

9. We will provide recommendation letters after the working period -  we think foreign experience will be a very positive mark on any teacher's CV.

 10. Insurance in Uzbekistan - we do not have a developed health insurance system but if the teacher gets sick in  Uzbekistan, we will cover doctor's visits and medicals; 

11. We will cover airfare to Tashkent.

At the same time, teachers will have full support in Uzbekistan; we will organize some cultural events.

The benefit of our country is its population which is very welcoming  and kind. As for security, our country is a very safe place, especially the capital.

What we expect from teachers:

Teachers should be communicative and active individuals and team players.

 Teachers/responsibilities and criteria:

 1. Teachers will teach groups of a maximum of 6-8 students per group (unless  they are corporate customers); 

2. Teachers must be at least 24 years old; 

3. Teachers should have a prepared curriculum for non-native speakers for ESL; 

4. Teachers will have 4 classes per day (1 class will be 1.5 hour), Mondays-Saturdays.

 5. Teachers will also be required to have their own laptop/notebook.

We would require teachers to come for 12 months. 

One positive aspect is that teachers will experience a diverse atmosphere of Oriental culture and traditions mixed with modern buildings and life. In addition to communicating with locals, teachers will be able to learn Russian which is widely spoken by the majority of the population of Uzbekistan. Another advantage of Uzbekistan is that living expenses are low.

We are looking for enthusiastic and friendly teachers, who will help us in our goals and be part of our team.

If you are interested in filling the position we are offering  send us an e-mail with a recent photo, reference(s), diploma/certificate (B.A/TEFL/TESOL, etc.) and CV. We will also require clarification of your current location.

If you have any questions or need some clarification, please, contact me on +998946064354 - Uzbekistan number.


Feruz A. Kamilov

DOS "PRIME COACH" English Training Centre

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I learnt about the four basic skills in any language namely: receptive skills and productive skills and they are equally important to use in lessons. It is important to be able to read and listen in a lesson to understand and recognize content being taught. There are different specialist skills and these are also important to understand and carry out what a student has learnt in a specific lessonThis unit taught me a lot about the idea and the overview process of constructing a syllabus. I learned about the necessity for the various types of tests given to students, even before beginning a course. I have never personally given some of these types of tests, but then again, I do realize that teaching Business English is more of a formal affair than some of the classes I have experience in.