TEFL in Varna, Bulgaria

Date posted:2006-11-28 | Writer: English Academy Varna | Email: [email protected]

English Academy in Varna is recruiting 1 full time member of staff to teach up to 24 teaching hours a week to start on 8th January 2007 English Academy is an independant school in the heart of Varna. We currently have 4 teachers from England and our unique selling point is that all of our teachers are all qualified native speakers. We currently have 130 adult students studying General, business and exam classes. Initial contracts last for 6 months with the possibility to extend after this period. A large amount of the teaching takes place at weekends. Therefore teachers working weeks are usually Tuesday to Saturday or Wednesday to Sunday. The ideal candidate will have experience teaching a range of levels at a range of different ages. To apply, you should send your CV, cover letter and recent photo to mark@englishacademy Suitable candidates will be shortlisted and will be asked for a telephone interview. Qualifications Essential 1st Degree in any subject Recognised teaching certificate. Minimum 1 year teaching experience at a range of levels Experience teaching adults Native speaker - UK and Ireland preferred due to Visa regulations. Desirable Experience teaching Cambridge exams and examiner status Experience teaching Business English Experience working outside home country Compensation Salary (Guaranteed) Full time teachers receive a guaranteed monthly salary of 1, 300 leva (CELTA) or 1, 500 leva (DELTA). Currently, the Bulgarian lev is fixed to the Euro so this is between 667-770 Euros. The cost of living in Bulgaria is considerably lower than Western Europe and you can have a comfortable lifestyle with this salary. Currently the average salary in Bulgaria is 350 Leva. Alternatively, teachers can opt to be paid hourly and will recieve 15 leva an hour with CELTA or 17 Leva an hour with a DELTA. Average prices Food: 3-6 leva for a main dish in a reasonable restaurant Drinks: Beer 1 to 2 leva for 500ml in a restaurant. 0.60 leva in a supermarket. Accommodation: A 1 bedroom apartment in the centre of town costs approx. 200 euros per month. Transport: 0.60 leva for a bus ticket, 0.59 leva/ km for a taxi, 26 leva for a bus to Sofia. Holiday (Full time Only - not hourly paid) 1 year contacts receive 20 days paid holiday a year, plus approx 10 days public holidays which the school closes for. Shorter contracts recieve this pro rata All holiday dates are decided by English Academy Varna and must be taken outside of term times. These holidays are mainly over Christmas and Easter. Healthcare English Academy will pay for the employers part of national healthcare contributions. Accommodation Assistance will be provided in finding accommodation on arrival. However the cost of accommodation is to be met by the teacher. For more information on the school and Varna, take a look at our website : Contact us or email mark@englishacademy

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In this particular unit I learned a lot about phonetic script, stretches, intonations and more. In the area of pronunciation, I learned that a lot goes into speaking that the average everyday native speaker doesn't even think about. For instance, the parts of a sentence that we stress when we want to get a point across, which shows how language is more than just words. It is also gestures, sounds and pure vibrations.This unit talked about evaluations and tests. Testing is an important part of the classroom because it allows the teacher and the student to know the status of their language ability and progress. After reading this unit, I have learned about different types of tests, which have their own specific uses. These tests can help me in the future to either, assess level, evaluate retention, or mark progress of my students.